Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Kids of All Ages!

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Whether you’re a novice or veteran to Elf on the Shelf, coming up with 24 original display ideas can be tricky!  Read on to find some truly elftastic ideas from around the Web.

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An Elf’s 4 Main Food Groups

Of course your friendly little toy maker follows the elf’s 4 main food group suggestions!  Candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup!  Plan to watch Elf later on for some silly family time.  Source.


Do You Want to Build a Snowman Paperman?

Build Olaf in paper version with Anna and Elsa nearby.  Your Little Frozen enthusiasts will be chilled with delight.  Via.


The Elf Is In

Charlie Brown and Lucy agree that this Elf on the Shelf display is worth every last 5¢.  Make it a family movie night later on with A Charlie Brown Christmas.  Idea source.


Link to Zelda

Link is recruiting Elf’s help this year to rescue Princess Zelda.  Onward to Hyrule!  Via.



Of course elves use Elf-Mail to contact The Big Guy!  Make sure your mini trouble maker keeps Santa in the loop with this simple idea.  Source.


Gone Fishing

Elf decided he’d like a taste of something a little less sweet today.  Fishy crackers are a golden option!  Image source.


Ski Day

Elf is braving the staircase with his skis.  The candy cane poles will get him down safely though!  Via.


Prayerful Posing

Even mischievous elves keep a little prayer in their hearts.  Remind your children where the real magic of Christmas comes from with this thoughtful Elf pose.  Image.



Elf wants to share his love for syrup this morning by drizzling it over elf-sized pancakes.  Via.



Up and Away

While Santa makes his last preparations to the sleigh, Elf finds another way to get around.  Rudolph isn’t sure he likes this idea


Fun in the Sun

Elf knows the importance of getting his daily dose of Vitamin D!  Shine some light in your home on a particularly cold and wintery day with this bright Elf display.


Snowball Fight

Elf is showing off the snowball fighting skills. Sorry Buzz but you don’t really stand a chance in this fight!  Via.


House Elf

House elves really do exist!  Elf and Dobby must be practicing Quidditch this morning.  Source.




Oops!  Elf didn’t plan on getting sucked into the vacuum when he was cleaning up his mess.  Only the best behavior today will get him out of this mess!  Image.


Le’ Go the Elf!

Better treat everyone kindly today so the Lego people will “le’ go” of our dear friend Elf!  Tie down the image source here.

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