Holiday Travel Kits For Kids That Keep Parents Sane

Holiday travel can get a little crazy, but holiday travel with kids can be insane if you aren’t prepared! Before you head out on your holiday travels this year, check out the holiday travel kits for kids that will help you stay sane. Put one of these together for your kids, because it’s the best travel investment you’ll ever make!

The holidays often mean lots of travel. While going to see loved ones, or taking a nice vacation sounds fun, the travel can be boring for kids. That's why we are sharing some fun ideas for holiday travel kits for the kids. Whether you are traveling by car or train, these kits are sure to entertain. Make the holidays fun by reducing the stress when you travel. Keep reading to learn more. #holidaytraveltips #travelkitsforkids

Holiday Travel Kits For Kids

Everyone knows how big of a pain it is to travel during the holidays, but traveling with kids during the holidays is hard! These holiday travel kits for kids will make you feel much more prepared.

Kids’ Holiday Travel Kits For The Plane

It can be really hard to travel with kids during the holidays. These holiday travel kits for kids will help you feel prepared for whatever comes your way.

The perfect organizer for a kids’ holiday travel kit is something like this hanging toiletries bag. It holds a lot of stuff in one convenient little package. Get one for each child in your family, and then stock it with the following items:

  • Coloring books
  • Colored pencils {they don’t melt like crayons do!}
  • Kindle Fire or other kid-friendly activity tablet with age-appropriate apps installed
  • Sticker activity book
  • Any other small toys or travel games you can fit inside your kit

Holiday Travel Kits For The Car

Traveling with kiddos can be tricky, especially during the holidays. These holiday travel kits for kids will make your holiday trips be as smooth as possible.

If you’re taking a holiday road trip, stock a kids’ holiday travel kit inside a backpack for the car before you go. Here are some ideas:

  • Create a craft binder. A large binder with 3″ rings holds several zip-close pouches you can fill with stickers, colored pencils, markers and paper. When the binder is closed, the top acts as the perfect sized “desk” for your child to work on.
  • Include a pack of Expo Window Markers. These are fun for drawing on the glass, and easily erase when your child is finished.
  • Window clings are fun on a road trip. Get a pack of holiday-themed window clings and let your child use the window glass to have hours of fun using her imagination.
  • A tablet or Kindle Fire works as well in the car as it does on a plane. Before you go, download some brand new apps and games to keep your child’s interest.

Stock a holiday travel kit for the kids, and save your sanity on the plane and in the car. And don’t forget to read up on 10 expert tips for traveling with kids!

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