Traveling With Kids: 10 Tips from an Expert

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1. Don’t Snooze the Choose

The most important decision you’ll make when traveling with children is location, location, location!  Take time to carefully select a destination where your children can be busy but also within walking distance of reliable transportation and possibly even accommodations.  Why poop them out just getting to an attraction just to have them be tired once you arrive?  Instead, consider travel destinations with many attractions within a short distance from your hotel.  For example, check out this map of attractions for New York City.  Just look at all the activities you can do within a relatively short distance of each other!  Aside from The Big Apple, think cities such as Montreal (amongst my personal favorites), historical towns (Williamsburg is another favorite with kids!), or all-inclusive areas such as beach resorts or amusement parks.  Trust me!  Don’t snooze when it comes to the choose!

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