10 Musical Instrument Crafts for Kids

Kids, easy crafts for kids, and noise go hand-in-hand. Children love when things make noise, and while this can be annoying for parents, it’s a good way for them to use their creativity. Professional musical instruments are expensive, and kids may be too rough with them. Fortunately, instruments can be made. Here are 10 musical instrument crafts for kids.

1. Container Drums

Empty oatmeal containers make the best drums, but potato chip containers work too. Encourage your kid to decorate the containers with construction paper. Then, add skins to the homemade drums. Pencils or wood dowels make perfect drum sticks.

2. Metal Washer Chimes

Easy crafts for kids include making a metal washer chime. This one may be easier on the ears. To make it, collect metal washers that are different sizes. You’ll also need yarn and a ruler. Cut the yarn and tie it to the ruler. Be sure to keep space between the yarn strings. Then, tie the washers to the yarn strands, forming a chime.

3. Easter Egg Maracas

If you have old plastic Easter eggs lying around, turn them into maracas. Instruct your kids to gather pebbles from outside. The next step is to put them in the plastic eggs and tape them shut. Once your kids have decorated the eggs, they’ll be ready to play their maracas. If you don’t have any old Easter eggs, you can get them at Michael’s.

4. Shoebox Guitars

Crafts for kids include making guitars out of shoeboxes. The only materials needed for this project are an old shoebox, rubber bands and glue.

5. Musical Anklets

With musical anklets, you’ll know where your kids are at all times. Your toddler is sure to have fun wearing them since they make a thrilling jingly noise every time he or she moves. To make them, you’ll need felt, glue and bells.

6. Popsicle Harmonica

When it comes to easy crafts for kids, you won’t find many easier to make than this popsicle harmonica. Made from popsicle sticks, paper, toothpicks and a few rubber bands, a popsicle harmonica is sure to keep your little ones happy for hours.

7. Hardware-Inspired French Horn

An online visit to a hardware store like Hoss Tools is all that it takes to get the supplies for a hardware-inspired French horn. A funnel, some tubing and your favorite connectors can be turned into a French horn, one that will have your kids playing their own tune.

8. PVC Xylophone

You’ll have to help build a PVC xylophone, but this craft for kids is the real deal. To make it, you’ll need PVC pipe along with some wood for the frame. Consider marking the top of each pipe with colored tape to indicate the different cords.

9. Toilet Paper Roll Kazoos

Kazoos are noisy fun, the kind that inspire young musicians. Making toilet paper roll kazoos is simple since all you need are empty toilet paper rolls, rubber bands and wax paper. This homemade instrument is one that your kids can decorate, so be sure to break out the markers.

10. Singing Straws

Singing straws are a homemade musical instrument that is easy to make and affordable. At the store, pick up a box of multicolored straws and some yarn. Cut the bottom of the straws at an angle and be sure to cut each one a different length. Then, form holes lengthwise across the top of each straw. String the yarn through the holes and let your kids make beautiful music.

Homemade musical instruments were found at Mom Junction, Moms and Crafters and Play Ideas.

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