12 Science Experiments You Can Eat

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Peanut Butter Playdough

Don’t go too nuts, but this edible playdough will have you playing with your peanut butter and eating it too.  Any time you mix ingredients to have them form a new texture, it’s an easy way to talk about chemistry.  For this recipe you’ll need:

1 cup creamy peanut butter

1 cup light corn syrup

1 cup powdered sugar

2-3 cups powdered milk (just the dry powder)

vanilla wafers for ears (optional)


Rock & Crystals 

Learn about crystals and how they form before making your own rock candy.



How does popcorn come from corn on the cob?  Discuss this and so much more about the wonders of popcorn all while enjoying it right from the bag.


Metamorphic Starbursts

Teach your kids about metamorphic rocks and the rock cycle by pressing warmed Starbursts together.  Using different colored candies will make it easy to teach about layering.


Moon Cycle Oreos

Learning the different phases of the moon cycle doesn’t get much tastier than this!  Carve (orrr…lick) the frosting on black and white Oreos to make an easy display of the 8 phases.


Gummy Bear Genetics

Understanding genetics just got unbearable fun!  Use different colored gummy bears to show how genes are passed from one generation to the next.  You can find grizzly deals on bulk gummy bears on CandyStore.com.


Solar Oven S’mores

Pizza boxes, aluminum foil, and cling wrap will make for this melty experiment about heat and energy.  Solar oven s’mores are always a hot project in my classroom and I keep going back for s’more year after year!

Floating S-Kittles

Teach children about the Scientific Method and making predictions by watching the S magically float off of candy Skittles.  I LOVE the reaction this experiment gets from kids (and me too)!


Gum Drop Engineering

Kids will love to put their engineering hats on with this gum drop experiment. Spaghetti or cooking skewers can be used in place of toothpicks if you’d like to make taller structures.


Cookie Erosion

Using cookies and few “excavating” tools will have the process of weathering play out right before your eyes.  No eroding brains around here!


Homemade Butter

One of my students’ favorite science lessons each year is understanding how cream turns into butter.  They love watching the transformation as they take turns shaking a jar full of cream and they especially love sampling the butter on fresh bread at the end!  Michael’s sells mason jars in any size and shape you might need.


Jelly Bean Solubility

Dissolving jelly beans in various liquids is a fun way to put some extra spring into your scientific endeavors.  Which liquids will dissolve the jelly beans the quickest and most efficiently?  Why?


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