Valentine’s Day Science Experiments for All Kids

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Sure, Valentine’s Day is all about sharing kind words and spreading the love.  Yadda yadda yadda.  That’s all wonderful and everything, but Valentine’s Day can also be much more exciting than opening a sappy card and sharing a box of chocolates.  Get Little Hearts pumping with a bit more excitement this year by conducting some seriously LOVELY science experiments all related to the Day of Love.  Here are Valentine’s Day science experiments for kids of all ages.

Love Boat

Finally!  A good way to use those darned conversation hearts!  For this Valentine’s experiment, test out how many hearts a custom-designed aluminum or paper boat can hold before sinking.  Will a flat-bottomed or canoe shaped boat be stronger for this experiment all about surface tension?  You can find bulk bags of conversation hearts and other candy on


Love Potion

Steal some hearts with this amazing love potion experiment.  Use a clear glass jar and various easy-to-grab pantry supplies to teach your kids about density, volume, and mass.


Cupid’s Force

I never knew the power behind forces and motion is the power of love!  Well, at least it is with this exciting physics demonstration.  Send Cupid’s special balloon arrow rocketing along a string track to learn about the Laws of Motion.  For an even LOVElier time, set up multiple string tracks to race against each other. 


I Lava {Lamp} You

Nothing says “I Lava You” like a little gas… in the name of Science, that is.  Introduce your kids to the wonders of chemistry with a way cool home made lava lamp.  Mix oil, water, and food coloring before addingAlka Seltzer tablets to create the bubbles.  I lava you, too!  Check out my DIY post about making your own lava lamp here.


Invisible Ink Valentines

Share secret messages with Little Cupids with this exciting invisible ink craftivity.  Make some fancy Valentine’s and simply write out your message using a cotton swab and lemon juice.  Hold the dried card over a small open-flame candle to reveal your sweet sentiments.


Shrinking Hearts

These shrinking hearts will have your Little Hearts learning with wonder and awe.  Use clear containers and conversation hearts to teach about solubility with different household solvents.  What do you think: are diet sodas or is vinegar a stronger solvent?


Warm Hearts

Your hearts will surely be warmed with this Valentine’s Day demonstration!  This chemistry experiment will have you not only observing exciting reactions but feeling them too as ingredients combine to create a warming exothermic reaction.  Check out Amazon’s LabWare section for all things science such as beakers, vials, funnels, and more!


U Rock

Your kids will ♥ this rockin’ sweet chemistry experiment!  With just a handful of simple ingredients, you’ll easily be able to observe how sugar crystals are formed to make a super sweet Valentine’s rock candy treat.


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