10 Deliciously Healthy (Packaged!) Foods for Kid’s Lunches

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10 Deliciously Healthy (Packaged!) Foods for Kid’s Lunches| Kid Recipes, Recipes for Kids, Lunch Recipes, Recipes, Easy Recipes #LunchRecipes #RecipesforKids

As an elementary school teacher, I see it all when it comes to lunches.  I’m never surprised anymore to see what combinations students and their parents come up with.  Some of the more creative ideas have involved using Fruit Roll-Ups and fruit snacks in place of jelly on a PB & J, and, my favorite, a mustard, Fruit Roll-Up, pickle, and peanut butter sandwich.  Oh. My.  I know making lunches can be crazy and rushed but I’ve found over the years with my own boys (and slightly more organized students) that there are a few tricks to using packaged foods to keep the job simple and even healthy.  Here are 10 deliciously healthy (packaged!) foods for kids lunches.

Tomato Basil Pizzettes

Use packaged flatbread to make a much healthier version of sodium-loaded stackable lunch kits.  I like to use fresh mozzarella balls, cherry tomatoes instead of fakey tomato paste, and fresh herbs.  My boys LOVE these pizzas!  Our favorite flat bread brand is Flatout.  Find some fun recipes on their website here.


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