How to Design A Gender Neutral Nursery

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Whether you’re waiting to be surprised, expecting multi-sex twins, or you just want to step away from the pinks and blues, gender neutral nurseries are a great way to go.  Here’s how to design a gender neutral nursery. If you are designing a new gender neutral nursery, use this link for a special deal on Project Nursery decor! 

Ebony & Ivory

It doesn’t get much more neutral than black and white!  Simple, clean cut, and free of just about anything pink or blue.  Get inspired by Inspired By This.


Wooden Accents

This nursery plays on wooden accents rather than color schemes to create a simply divine gender neutral zone.  The wooden tones are so warm and inviting!  Find the idea on Project Nursery.


Raise the Roof

If you want a super simple look for a gender neutral nursery, you can opt for an all white room capped off with an accented ceiling.  Colorful decor will also add personality and break down monotony.  Find the look here.


Multi-Toned Furniture

Keep your gender neutral nursery warm and happy with powerful multi-toned furniture.  The trick here is to mix and match rather than to buy everything that’s overly matched.  Image source.



Green and yellow are welcome color options instead of pink and blue for gender neutral nurseries.  Just green.  Just yellow.  Or a little of both.  Find the idea below through this link.


Anything Goes

Forget major theming and opt instead for an “anything goes” look.  This eclectic look emphasizes displaying personally meaningful art, objects, decor, and more rather than get caught up in theming.  Find more about the look here.


Good As Gold

When you have something as precious as Baby in your nursery, it only fits to adorn the room in gold.  The trick here is to keep all other tones within a gray and cream scale.  Veronika’s Blushing shares more here.


Statement Crib

While keeping other decor and tones quite simple, this gender neutral nursery places a big emphasis on a bold statement crib.  It’s gorgeous!  See the idea on FresHome.


Gray Scale

Decor Pad shares how to make a perfectly calming gender neutral nursery using the gray scale.  The safari animal decor is a fun way to add some theming.  Source.


Brown Noser

There’s nothing wrong with being a brown noser when it results in an adorable brown-inspired nursery.  Creams, tans, and grays are perfect accent tones.  I love how you can easily incorporate a sweet teddy bear theme as well!  Find the idea here.



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