The Best New Years Eve Party Ideas For Kids

Not all of us are able to throw an adults-only bash on New Years Eve, and that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with celebrating as a family! So today we’re helping parents everywhere with the best New Years Eve party ideas for kids. Go ahead and ring in the New Year together, because it’s going to be a blast!

NYE is such a fun night for everyone, but often the kids get left out. There is no need for them to feel like they can't enjoy the night, too. That's why we are talking about NYE party ideas for kids. Ideas for decorations, food, drinks and games. Make the kids feel like this is a night for them. A fun way to say goodbye to the old and ring in the new. #NYEpartyideasforkids #partyplanning

New Years Eve Party Ideas For Kids

Whether you’re planning to party as a family or invite some friends over, it helps to have some kid-friendly plans to keep the littles busy. Here are some ideas for kid-friendly New Years Eve fun!

 Play Some Games

Games can include your favorite kids’ board games, or other fun games that don’t require a game board. Play 2 truths and a lie, using your New Years Eve resolutions. Use a karaoke machine to rock out to all those awesome Disney hits.

If you have kids, you'll want to know these New Years Eve party ideas for kids. These party ideas will make sure your kids have a blast on New Years Eve.

Countdown To Midnight {Or Earlier!}

For kids who are too little to make it clear ’til midnight, have a fake countdown at a more suitable hour–the kids won’t know the difference! Older kids can enjoy the actual countdown with you.

Are you looking for some amazing New Years Eve party ideas for kids? Well you're in luck. These are the best party ideas for your kiddos on New Years Eve.

Have A Slumber Party

New Years Eve is a great time to let the kids have a slumber party with their friends or cousins who come to celebrate the new year. If you’ve got a spot in your basement for the party, set up a movie marathon or a multitude of kid games. That way they can enjoy a whole evening of fun together. Once midnight hits, it’s time for sleep!

New Years Eve is such a fun holiday for kids. These New Years Eve party ideas for kids will make sure they have an amazing night with their friends.

Head To A Hotel For A Night Of Swimming In The Pool

Some families enjoy a staycation for New Years Eve, and the hotel pool is a big part of the fun. If you can afford it throw in some room service burgers and shakes. It’ll definitely be a party the kids will remember for a long time!

New Years Eve is right around the corner. These New Years Eve party ideas for kids are so fun. It will be the party they talk about for a long time.

Let Off Some Balloons At Midnight

A fun thing for the kids is to send off helium balloons at midnight. This is a fabulous way to say goodbye to the old year and hello to the new.


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