Thanksgiving Gifts For Teachers That Aren’t Food

Teachers put so much into teaching our kids, why not show extra thanks during the month of Thanksgiving? Today I have a list of Thanksgiving gifts for teachers your kids will love to help put together for their own teacher. Kids also benefit by learning early how to express gratitude to the people who do a lot for them!

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for all the wonderful things in our lives. Teachers do so much for us and often don't get the thanks they deserve. But, we have some great ideas for you to show your teacher just how much you appreciate what they do for you. Say thanks with these mason jar ideas, ideas made from kids, and more. Where would we all be without great teachers? Remember to think of them this Thanksgiving. #teachergiftideas #thanksgivinggiftsforteachers

Thanksgiving Gifts For Teachers

Does your child love their teacher? These Thanksgiving gifts for teachers will help your child's teacher know just how grateful they are for them.

Parents and kids traditionally give teacher gifts at Christmas and when school lets out for the summer. But it’s also nice to express gratitude to our teachers during the month of November. Here are some ideas that your kids will love to give.

Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful. These Thanksgiving gifts for teachers will let your child's teacher know how grateful they are for them.

Thank You Cards

There’s absolutely nothing that says you have to spend any money on a Thanksgiving gift for your child’s teacher. In fact, it’s a simple handmade or handwritten thank you card that can mean the most. Cut hearts out of construction paper in fall colors, and let your child use them to write a heartfelt note to his teacher. Any teacher will love this, and your child will learn valuable lessons about gratitude.

If you're looking for ideas for Thanksgiving gifts for teachers, why not a beautiful arrangement of flowers. They will love them!

A Thanksgiving Bouquet

Flowers have a way of sending just the write message for a lot of occasions. Cut or purchase a bouquet of flowers in your favorite fall blooms. One large bouquet divides easily into several smaller bouquets for your children’s teachers. Put them in small mason jars for simple but meaningful presentation.

Homemade soap is the perfect gift for your teacher. For more Thanksgiving gifts for teachers, look here! We have some amazing ideas!

Handmade Soap

A bar of handmade soap is something any teacher can use. Even if you’ve never made soap before, don’t worry because it’s easy. Visit Michaels for a soap making kit you and the kids can work on together. Tie your bars of finished soap with a raffia bow and add a pretty fall leaf.

Teachers could always use more lanyards. For some amazing ideas for Thanksgiving gifts for teachers, look here. Everyone will love them!


These days, teachers have to wear their ID badge at all times. So a lanyard is always a great gift idea for a teacher! A fun assortment of lanyards lets your child’s teacher mix things up by choosing a different one depending on the day, the season, or the holiday. Let your child help choose a fun lanyard she thinks her teacher will love.

What Thanksgiving gifts are you thinking about giving to your child’s teachers?

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