Create Unity With A Family Chore Chart

Don’t struggle to do everything your house needs doing by yourself. Instead, make your life easier and create unity with a family chore chart. When everyone works together, children learn valuable lessons, the family is happier and the home is cleaner.

Here are some great ways to help you create family unity by using a family chore chart

Create Unity With A Family Chore Chart

Should parents involve the kids in doing all the various chores there are to do around the house? Isn’t it the parents’ job to take care of all that stuff? The truth is, it’s also the parents’ responsibility to teach their kids how to work. Home is the best place to teach that, and a family chore chart is a great way to start.

Kids who learn how to do chores learn a greater sense of responsibility, they learn how to work, and they learn to feel that they’re a valued member of your home.

Having a family chore chart will help bring your family closer together and keep your house clean

How To Include Your Kids In A Family Chore Chart

Kids as young as preschool age should be included in your family chore chart. Make one chart for everyone, divided by specific jobs, or make separate charts for each member of the family. There are a lot of ways to organize your family chore chart. Here are suggested chores for different age groups.

  • Preschool age children are capable of doing things like picking up after themselves, putting away their toys, and putting their dishes in the sink after a meal.
  • School-age children, in addition to the chores they began doing as preschoolers, can load and unload the dishwasher, run the vacuum or sweep the floor.
  • Preteens can help prepare meals, learn to run the dishwasher, and assist with yard work.
  • Teenagers are ready for even more family responsibility. Give them chores that include cleaning a bathroom, changing the sheets on their bed, mowing the lawn, and preparing family meals.

For more ideas, see age-appropriate chore charts for kids.

Family Chore Charts are an important thing to have. It will bring everyone closer together and keep your house squeaky clean.

Easy Ways To Create A Family Chore Chart

Don’t let the chore chart become a chore! Some families love a fancy and involved chore chart, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some easy ideas.

  • Get a large chalkboard and hang it in a central location {the kitchen works well}. Give everyone a different color of chalk to use. List all the chores that need to be done that week, and as a family member completes that specific chore they get to check it off with their own chalk.
  • Use a smaller chalkboard for each family member and list their assigned chores for the week. Before a chore can be checked off, it must be approved by mom or dad.
  • Print up chores on cardstock, like a stack of cards. Laminate them for durability. Give cards to each family member for the chores they need to do that day or that week. When a chore is done, the card needs to be returned to mom and dad and approved by them.
  • Not feeling creative? Purchase a family chore chart you like at Amazon!

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