DIY Pencil Tennis Shoes For Your Kids {Or Their Teacher!}

One way to make back to school time more fun for your kid {or their teacher} is to make her a pair of DIY pencil tennis shoes. If you’ve ever painted canvas tennis shoes before, you know it’s an easy DIY craft you can do in a million different ways. Today, we’re going to show you how to make them look like a pair of No. 2 pencils. Cute, right?

DIY Pencil Tennis Shoes | diy | back to school | kid stuff | pencil tennis shoes | shoes | school

There are quite a few different variations on these DIY pencil tennis shoes out there {just check out Pinterest} but we think this pair from The Keeper of the Cheerios are one of the best. They even included the “No. 2” part of the pencil! You can leave that off if you wish, but it really adds a little extra to these cute shoes. You can make these shoes for your kid or their teacher, all you have to do is buy the right size shoes.

DIY Pencil Tennis Shoes

DIY Pencil Tennis Shoes | diy | back to school | kid stuff | pencil tennis shoes | shoes | school

Supplies For DIY Pencil Tennis Shoes

  • To make these cute pencil tennis shoes, you’ll need a pair of canvas tennis shoes. It is possible to start with yellow shoes if you find them, but the other parts of the shoe to be painted may not cover as well as white does.

DIY Pencil Tennis Shoes | diy | back to school | kid stuff | pencil tennis shoes | shoes | school

  • You can usually find inexpensive white canvas tennis shoes near you. If not, they are available at Amazon in toddler, kids and women’s size options.
  • For the colors of the DIY pencil tennis shoes, you need either acrylic craft paint or fabric paint pens. The paint pens are more expensive to buy, but really easy and convenient to use. Make sure you have some foam paintbrushes for applying acrylic craft paint to the shoes if that’s the option you choose.
  • Finally, you need a supply of blue painter’s tape.

How To Make DIY Pencil Tennis Shoes

  1. Remove the laces {if any} from the shoes before painting.
  2. Work in sections and tape off areas as you go. First tape off the toe and the heel of the shoes. Paint the toe black and the heel pink.
  3. Once those areas dry, peel away the tape and section off the next inch or so behind the toe and the heel.
  4. Paint the area behind the toe light brown, and behind the heel gray.
  5. Now paint the entire middle of the shoe yellow. If you bought yellow shoes, you can skip this part! Be sure to paint the tongue as well.
  6. Once the yellow paint dries, use a black paint marker or Sharpie to add “No. 2” if you wish.
  7. If you like, you can seal the paint with Scotch guard to make the colors last longer.
  8. Lace up the shoes and you’re done. The kids will love them!

Before the kids head back to school in their awesome DIY pencil tennis shoes, make sure they have the backpack must-haves all kids need.

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