Discover Perfect Places for Kids’ Birthday Parties

Perplexed about perfect places for kids’ birthday parties? Some of us are made for hosting a great party at home. And some of us….aren’t! Have no shame, because there’s nothing wrong with taking the party on the road. {For starters, there’s no cleaning up involved!}. Today at Half Pint Peeps, we have a whole list of perfect places to host your kid’s next birthday party. Keep reading for some fantastic ideas!

  1. Many fire departments offer to show their little friends around the premises. This is such a fun thing for all those littles who love their firefighter heroes! There is a little risk that the bell will ring and the firefighters will have to cut the party short, but the reward is generally worth that risk. 
  2. Paint-your-own-pottery {or ceramics} studios are cropping up all over the place. They are a perfect spot to host a kids’ birthday party! Just check your local directory to find one near you.
  3. Visit a Build A Bear workshop for a fun afternoon of personalized teddy-bear-making fun.
  4. Tour a local candy factory so the kids can see how their favorite treats are made. If you’re in Utah, check out Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Chocolate Factory or Sweet’s
  5. There are gymnastics, tumbling, and rock climbing classes for birthday parties offered all over. Check with your local gym, rec center, or fitness club for a fun, active kids’ birthday party they’ll really remember!
  6. Is there an ice rink or roller rink near you? It’s worth checking out. Rinks will often have rooms available rink-side for opening gifts and enjoying some birthday treats.
  7. Book a birthday party with Tiny Chefs. The chef comes to you and teaches the kids how to make a delicious treat or entrée, along with some food and kitchen safety. You’ll need to provide a location but you get to just watch and enjoy the kids cooking up a storm. 
  8. Have a “wild” birthday party at your local zoo! Here’s where you can find out if you have a zoo near you.



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