Keep Your Kids Reading This Summer With Raz-Kids

Today I want to introduce you to an awesome educational website for kids. Raz-Kids is an award-winning resource that helps kids from kindergarten through 5th grade improve their reading skills. It can be hard to keep your kids reading over the summer, but with Raz-Kids it’s easy to provide them with interactive eBooks at just the right reading level for them! After you see what this program is about, just click one of the included links that make it easy to check it out for yourself.


Is your child a happy or frustrated reader? 

The answer to that question is extremely important. A frustrated reader is one who is in danger of giving up. A child who is trying to read material that is too hard for him is what makes a frustrated reader. Raz-Kids helps take the frustration away with interactive reading material that is leveled correctly for your child’s reading ability.

Every child learns best with appropriate reading material. Appropriate reading material means books that are a little challenging, but not so hard that the child becomes frustrated.

How will my child learn with Raz-Kids?

Your child just signs in via the Raz-Kids app from their computer, tablet or iPad. All student activity in the Raz-Kids app is monitored by teachers. Teachers then determine the best reading level for your child. Even your child’s teacher at school can access information about what your child is reading to monitor their progress.

After your child finishes an eBook, they take an eQuiz to test their reading comprehension. Your child can even record himself reading so that teachers can fully track progress.

Is your child a Spanish speaker?

Raz-Kids offers all sorts of fun reading content, including books written in Spanish.

How accessible is Raz-Kids?

Your child can access their Raz-Kids content from anywhere–at home on a laptop, or from a tablet or smartphone while on-the-go. All books are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That means that the opportunity for learning and growing is always there, year-round!







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