Entertain Kids With Popsicle Stick Crafts

Popsicle stick crafts are a fun way to entertain the kids all summer long. You can either purchase craft sticks at your local Michaels, or rinse and hang onto the seemingly endless supply of sticks from all the popsicles your kids consume. Either way, they’ll have a ton of fun making any of the following popsicle stick crafts!


A popsicle stick birdhouse is one of the most entertaining kid crafts, because it provides hours of fun birdwatching even after it’s built. There are a ton of ways to build one, and a million ways to decorate it afterwards. Use plain popsicle sticks and then paint the birdhouse, or use colored craft sticks for a multi-colored effect. All you need is white glue to put it together! Imagine your kids smiling as they watch the birds use their custom made house.

Many moms like their kids to participate in summer reading programs, and there is a popsicle stick craft just for that! Paint or color plain popsicle sticks {or use colored ones}. Now let the kids choose something to glue at the top of their stick, such as a silk flower for girls, or a tiny plastic figurine for boys. It makes a clever bookmark that just might encourage them to read a little more.

Challenge the kids to build something with popsicle sticks, like a small airplane or a bridge for their Hot Wheels cars. These are just two of the many things they can build with popsicle sticks. It definitely encourages them to use their imagination and we all know that with electronics available to kids these days, the imagination often gets left behind.

Finally, encourage your kids to make art projects and frame their masterpieces with popsicle sticks. This is a great way to try different mediums, including water paints, acrylics, crayons and colored pencils. After all, custom artwork deserves a custom wood frame.





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