10 Lego Play Table DIY Ideas


If you’re a parent, then it’s likely that you have Legos in your home. With Legos, comes the possibility of stepping on Legos, and since someone clever created the Lego walk of fire, you know that stepping on them causes major pain. Lego play tables not only give your kids somewhere fun to play, they also prevent foot injuries and vacuum damage. Here are 10 Lego play table DIY ideas.

1.An Eclectic Mix

With summer almost here, you have the golden opportunity to make a Lego play table out of an eclectic mix of furniture pieces from yard sales. Look for furniture with lots of drawers such as old dressers. You can then add a Lego plate on top to make them into a table.

2. Use the Wall

Instead of adding another furniture piece onto your floor, consider going with a hanging Lego play table. Mount an open shelf onto a wall in your kid’s room or in your play room, then use bins to hold the Lego pieces. Keep the shelf mounting low enough for your kids to reach.

3. For the Lap

Lego play area ideas include this one for the lap. It’s easy to think big when you’re considering a play space for your kids, but why not go with something smaller? The only materials required for a lap table are a breakfast bed tray, Lego base plates and craft clue, making this an affordable and easy play table option.

4. One that Hides

A big sheet of plywood, flat sections of wood molding, Lego base plates and glue along with a few handles make a great Lego play table, one that you can slide under the sofa or coffee table. Head over to Hardware World for handles and tools.

5. Dedicated Space

To give your kids a dedicated play space for their Legos, combine storage cubbies with a homemade table. Select a spot for the table and measure the area. Then, purchase inexpensive storage shelves, the kind that come with bins. The next step is to purchase a sheet of plywood and cut it to fit between the two shelves. Attach it to the bins and add a few kid-size chairs.

6. Moonlighting as a Lego Play Table

Turn your coffee table into a Lego fun area. Purchase a cheap coffee table like the ones that they sell at IKEA. You’ll also need to buy Lego road plates and plastic bins. To make this combo into a play table, glue the plates to the top of the coffee table and store the plastic Lego-filled bins underneath.

7. A Charming Choice

If you can find the right kind of coffee table, your child’s Lego play table can be useful and charming. You’ll need a table with a base and an elevated top. People sell them at yard sales and online, so just be patient until you find one that will work. Once you do, paint it a fun color. You’ll also need a basket or a bin for Lego storage.

8. Train Table Conversion

Lego play area ideas include transforming a train table into a Lego play table. This one is especially easy. The only step is to glue Lego plates to the top of the table. This type of table already has storage drawers, which are the perfect size for storing Legos.

9. Repurpose a Sand Table

Repurposing a sand table into a Lego play table may keep things a bit tidier at home since sand tables are indented. This kind of table is also lightweight, making it easy to move around. You can purchase sand tables at a local department store or online through sites like Amazon.

10. The Overachiever

For the overachieving Lego table, you’ll need a small cheap table (cough cough IKEA cough cough), a magnetic strip and metal storage containers. Once completed, this Lego play table will look like something you purchased at Pottery Barn.

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