11 Easter Basket Filler Ideas for Kids

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Easter will be here before you know it, and while you can always go the easy route and fill your kids’ Easter baskets with candy, consider taking a different direction with one of these unique filler ideas.

1.Fill the Basket with Art Supplies

If you have a budding artist, or hope to have one, then load his or her Easter basket with items like a sketchbook, mechanical pencils and watercolor crayons from Crayola. Dot markers are perfect for younger kids while metallic colored pencils are best for children who like to draw and doodle. If you’re not worried about messes, then go ahead and get some paint or clay. This will let your little artist use other mediums.

2. Make the Basket from Candy Boxes

Avoid buying an Easter basket by making one from candy boxes of Skittles, Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids. Glue or tape the boxes together to create a handmade basket. Then, add items like gum, socks or Legos.

3. An Easter Basket of Outdoor Fun

An Easter basket of outdoor fun will encourage your kids to spend more time discovering the thrill of being outside. If this idea speaks to you, then fill your children’s Easter baskets with kites, jump ropes or bubble blowing sets. Gardening tools from Direct Gardening and gloves are an option for kids who have a green thumb.

4. Stuff the Easter Basket with Snacks

If you have teens, then they may appreciate receiving chips, nuts and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos in addition to beef jerky and packages of corn nuts in their Easter baskets this year. Try these options instead of a chocolate bunny.

5. Easter Baskets for Babies

Make the holiday fun for your baby by putting together an Easter basket geared toward their developing motor skills. This could include items like bath toys, stacking cups and basic puzzles.

6. Cram it With Games

Easter baskets crammed with games are sure to delight your kids this year. For younger kids, consider getting “Spot It” and “Spot It Jr.” If you have pre-teens or teens, then purchase “IQ Twist,” “Sleeping Queens” or “Werewolf.” Games inspire bonding between siblings, and they give your kids something else to do besides play video games.

7. Load Their Baskets with Books

Books are an easy choice for Easter baskets since you can give them to everyone in your family including your spouse and children of any age. It might be fun to go with a theme and choose sets that feature a series. So, your daughter might enjoy “The Hunger Games” while your spouse may love reading “Game of Thrones.”

8. Prepare for Summer

Get ready for summer by stuffing Easter baskets with things that bring summer to mind. Sunglasses, sunscreen and a beach towel are just a few suggestions.

9. Fill Your Easter Baskets with Hair Products

Today, hair products are made for boys and girls. If you have boys, then get them hair sculpting clay, mousse or masculine smelling shampoo. Girls will appreciate receiving hairbands, gel or a hairdryer in their Easter basket.

10. Go with a Movie Theme

This Easter basket idea can go two ways. You can go the theater route by filling their baskets with movie tickets, reusable theater cups and popcorn vouchers, or you can pack it with their favorite movie, microwavable popcorn and candy for a movie night at home.

11. Be Original with an Easter Basket of Music

An Easter basket of music can include things like ear buds, an Mp3 Player and an iTunes gift card. You could also add concert tickets if a favorite band will be playing in your area along with a Bluetooth speaker or a band t-shirt from Zazzle.

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