How to Recycle ALL of Your Kids’ Old Stuff

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Are you feeling a bit overrun with all your kids’ old, unused things?  I get that way from time to time and am always looking for great ways to recycle or repurpose our things into something more useful.  Here’s how to recycle ALL of your kids’ old stuff!


We seem to get at least one t-shirt to go along with every team and club my boys have joined.  And with how many teams/groups we join, it’s like t-shirts have completely invaded our closets.  I came across this idea years ago and we’ve made it a favorite tradition ever since.  Save all those t-shirts and once you’ve collected enough that are related (by sport, by year, etc), use them to sew up a super special memory quilt.  Find the perfect fabrics to compliment the shirts from


Crib Mattress

Don’t throw the mattress out just because Baby outgrew the crib!  Instead, reuse the mattress as a bed cushion for Fido.


Shoe Cushion

If your child has a particularly special pair of shoes that you just can’t bear to give away, turn them into a sturdy pin cushion instead.


Indoor Herb Garden

Reuse baby food jars to create an indoor herb garden.  Especially handy for city dwellers and a great way to make mouths happy!


Lunchbox Lego Kit

Keep your kids entertained while on the go without electronics by making a travel-friendly lunchbox Lego kit.  I knew those metal lunch boxes would come in handy somewhere down the road!


Sock Animals

Turn old socks into cuddly friends.  This adorable sock bunny would make for a hoppin’ BFF!  Find ribbon, buttons, and other craft accessories all from Michael’s!


Book Ends

Use old toys to make for some pretty awesome book ends.  How perfect for the book shelf in your kids’ room!


Book Shelves

Old skate, snow, and surfboards can be turned into some pretty awesome shelving with the proper wall mounts.  We did this in two of my boys’ bedrooms and have loved the end result!


Knobs & Pulls

Make your own custom knobs and pulls from spray painted old toys.  I love the added personality this gives to the room!


Desk Organization

I personally believe that one way to turn a house into a home is to have a few decorative items that shout out your personality and memories that are special to your family.  In our home that means Legos!  I get more happy comments about our Lego desk organizer than probably any other item in our house.  Go figure!


Key Organizer

Another fun way to recycle unused Legos is to make a key organizer inside your entry.  You can spell out any word if you’d prefer something other than “keys”.  The Legos make it so easy to snap all your keys into one easy-to-find place!


Puzzle Wall Monogram 

How cute is this puzzle wall monogram?!  Paint over an incomplete or unused puzzle and let your kids help make their very own alphabet letter.  This would be a great display in bedrooms and playrooms alike!


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