How to Make Fake Snow (With Kids!)

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Growing up in The Rockies, I’ve always wished that you could have the fun of snow but without the cold.  Well, now you can!  Keep the family warm and cozy inside with a warm drink near by all while you’re digging your hands deep into a fresh dusting of powder.  Here’s how to make fake snow (with kids!).

Baking Soda & Shaving Cream

Baking soda and shaving cream mix together to make a perfectly moldable faux snow.  Throw in a pinch of glitter as well and your kids will be shocked they aren’t actually playing with the real deal!  It’s the ideal combination of damp and fluffy.



With this homemade snow recipe, you’re just two simple ingredients away from hours of blizzardy fun.  Knead baking soda and conditioner together and away you go!


Snow Slime

If you’d prefer a snow recipe that’s less crumbly yet packed with sparkle, Snow Slime is the storm for you.  Borax and liquid glue give you a strong slime base while optional glitter and peppermint extract make things especially fun.   Michael’s is your one-stop-shop for all the supplies you need!


Snow Sand

Summer and winter come together pretty nicely with this sensory Snow Sand.  Now you really can build a snowman and a sand castle all in one day!


Snow Dough

“Dough” not pass this recipe by!  Depending on how you combine the simple ingredients, Snow Dough can either be more powdery or packable for all your snow-building plans.


Snow in Seconds

Let’s be real here.  Sometimes you just don’t have the time or energy to make a mess from scratch.  For those days when you need something to keep the kids entertained without a serious mess, Snow in Seconds is the old silk hat to your Frosty.  No waiting, cool to the touch, and “melt free”.  Fun in a bag.  You can order a bag or two for yourself from Amazon.


Baking Soda & Shaving Cream Snow Recipe shared by The Spruce

Conditioner Snow tutorial from Red Ted Art

Snow Slime via Growing A Jeweled Rose

Craft Supplies for ANY project found at Michael’s

Snow Sand DIY shared by Growing A Jeweled Rose

Snow Dough found on Growing A Jeweled Rose

Snow in Seconds for sale on Amazon

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