Fun Activities for When Mom’s Sick

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I’m a school teacher and mother of three boys.  The odds are always against me each winter when it comes to trying to beat the flu.  But flu or not, I’m still always Mom!  My boys are pretty good about taking care of themselves when I’m hung up with the flu, but that doesn’t mean I can’t plan ahead to have some ideas for them when I don’t feel quite up for the job.  Here are fun activities for when Mom’s sick.


Snowmen Rolls

Get all the fun of building a snowman but from the comfort of your warm living room.  Use toilet paper rolls and crafting materials to bring Frosty inside to play!  What other winter-time creations can you think to make with toilet paper rolls?


Story Stones

Imaginations don’t have to rest just because Mom needs to for a while.  Story stones are not only seriously fun to make but fun to use as well.  Paint any images on a set of flat stones and arrange the pictures in any order to make up your own unique stories.


Pipe Cleaner Buddies

Your kids will have a dino-mite of a time making dinosaurs and other animals out of pipe cleaners.  They love playing with their new buddies when they’re done and clean up is super easy!


Book On Tape

You may not feel up to overusing your voice, but that doesn’t mean the kids have to skip on daily reading minutes.  Pop in a book on tape, or, do what my boys prefer and find an audiobook online.  YouTube offers many free audio books for some truly incredible books.  I’ve never met someone who honest-to-goodness doesn’t like story time!!


Thrilling Quilling

Have your kids give quilling a spin when they need something to do.  It’ll keep them busy for hours and they’ll find their creations to be quite the thrill!


Math FUN Card Games

Shhh!  Don’t tell your kids but get them going on a whole battalion worth of games that would make their teachers jump with delight.  Face cards offer many entertaining games that will keep your kids learning without even realizing it.  Maybe you should have “sick days” more often  😉


Picnic Party

Problem:  Your kids are begging but you just don’t have the energy to take them outside to play.

Solution:  Bring the outside fun indoors by having an indoor picnic party.

How:  Lay a blanket on the ground, lay out some simple finger foods, and pop in a movie or favorite book on tape.

Conclusion:  You’re a hero and a genius 🙂


Educational Websites

This is one teacher who will NEVER say that electronics are babysitters!  You simply will not find me handing a device to a child just to keep them entertained.  HOWEVER, if given for a purpose and with an objective, electronics offer some of the best learning tools that can be found.  Whether or not you’re under the weather, schedule some electronics time to keep your kids actively engaged.  Ask teachers about websites/apps that students are registered for at school.  My personal favorite?:  Prodigy!


Movie Night

Snuggle up on the couch to watch your favorite movie.  There are times when it’s just what the doctor ordered.  Disney Movie Club is one of our favorite movie resources!


Puzzle Time

I don’t get them out very often but for good reason… Keep puzzles as a “secret weapon” to give your kids a challenge when you aren’t feeling up to your best.  Best part: NO electronics required!  You can find some great puzzles on Amazon!


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