10 American Girl Doll Crafts for Kids

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Every American Girl doll needs furniture and accessories!  It’s part of all the fun.  Unfortunately, even the smallest set of accessories can put you back $30 or more.  Make that two or three sets and you’ve practically exhausted your wallet.  But not to worry!  Here are 10 store-worthy American Girl doll crafts that kids (and you) can make at home.


Ballerina or spunky fashionista.  Either way, this lacy tutu will add all kinds of sass and style to imaginative play.


Sleeping Bag & Pillow

You had me at sleepover!  When a real sleepover isn’t in the picture, invite your American Girl over instead.  With this cute matching sleeping bag and pillow set, the only things missing are a silly movie and a bowl of popcorn.  Find your favorite fabrics for this DIY project on Fabric.com.


Pom Pom Scarf

When in doubt, accessorize!  This American Girl craft set is the perfect way to make a matching scarf accessory for you and Samantha (or Felicity or Kit, etc.) both.  The pom poms are especially fun!  But hurry fast!  This ready-to-go kit is on sale at Michael’s for only $7!!



Clothing Storage

Keep your doll’s clothes looking nice and tidy on a clothing storage rack.  Shoes and other accessories can fit in the box at the bottom.  The mini hangers are my favorite part!


Brownie Girl Vest

“On my honor, I will try make” this vest for my doll.  Earn a merit badge with Josefina and the gang with this official Brownie Girl vest.  You could just as easily make a green Girl Scout vest with the same pattern.


Olympic Sled

Go for the gold with this thrilling craft!  These Olympic sleds could not be more perfect for the Olympics coming up just around the corner!  GO USA!!



Teach your doll her A-B-Cs for hours of F-U-N with this adorable schoolroom set.  Maybe she can help you master your multiplication facts while you’re at it  😉



Since you’re already headed to the classroom, you’d better bring a backpack along as well!  Mix and match fabrics for an especially cute project.



Your BFF needs a BFF of her own and these sew-and-stuff puppies could not be more PAWfect!  Each kit makes two dogs.  Put a leash on this excellent deal only from Michael’s.


Pet Beds

Now that Fido has joined the group, we’d better help him sleep easy in his own pint-sized bed.  Simply wrap an empty food tub or container with fabric, ribbon, or tape.  Tails will be waggin’!


Find All These Tutorials, Patterns, And More From:

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