How to Make It Through the Teething Phase (Unscathed!)

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Teething can be such an unpleasant experience for everyone involved.  Your baby is in pain, they’re irritable, can’t sleep, and you just feel helpless.  BUT, there are a handful of strategies you can try to make the whole experience more livable for Baby and you.  Here are 8 hacks for how to make it through the teething phase (unscathed!).


Sucking on something cold will provide some soothing relief for Baby when his gums are so darn tender.  For an even greater source of comfort, give milksicles a try.  Just pour some breastmilk into an icecube tray and then insert a binky into each slot before hardening in the freezer.  They’re like little milksicles when you pull them out and Baby will be so glad to have them!


Finger Nibbles

Giving Baby a soft object to chew on can ease the dull throb on their gums.  Provide Baby with your finger and massage her gums for an added sense of relief.


Cold Treats

When it’s time to eat, make the job less painful for Baby by providing him with soft, cold options.  Refrigerated apple sauce or mashed bananas were our go-tos with my little guy.


Apple Core

Since we’re on the topic of apples, you can also give Baby a cold apple core to gnaw on for 10 or so minutes.  It may not fill hungry tummies but it still tastes yummy and it’ll provide a longer distraction than the apple sauce.


Teething Bibs

Here’s a great twofer:  Calm Baby’s throbbing gums AND help with mess-control by using teething bibs.  The bib will protect clothing from all the extra drool and Baby can chew on the bib for some comfort.  Check out these adorable teething bandanas on Amazon.  You can also find a carrier teething bib here from The Baby Cubby.


Frozen Washcloth

This teething hack basically takes care of itself.  Simply dampen the corners of a clean washcloth before placing it in the freezer for 30 minutes or so.  When the water is frozen, offer the cold compress to Baby to suck on for much needed pain relief.  I LOVE how the washcloth does natural mess-control by absorbing all that extra drool!


Warm Bath

With all that talk of cold reliefs, here’s an idea to warm things up.  If Baby is having a hard time settling down for bedtime, give her a warm bath to help her calm down and relax.



I have some friends who swear by amber teething necklaces and bracelets.  It’s said that amber can improve moods, calm nerves, and soothe aches.  The Baby Cubby has an awesome selection of both necklaces and bracelets from which to choose.


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