Cardboard Box Crafts for Kids

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I’m such a sucker for cute and creative toys for kids.  I swear sometimes I’m more excited to play with them than my boys!  Darn you Pottery Barn Kids!  But say goodbye to the days of toy envy (and empty pocket books, for that matter) because I’m here to show you, like days of old, how to use the trusty cardboard box to make some pretty incredible toys.  Here are cardboard box crafts for kids.


Who needs expensive playhouses from the toy store when you can make your own fit just for your grand adventures?!  Customize it just the way you want.  Get the DIY here.


Wild Things

Let your imagination run wild by creating cardboard creatures worthy of Max’s island adventures with his Wild Thing friends.  Challenge your kids to create their own space droids, Minecraft characters, and more.  Via.


Shadow Puppets

Keep your kids busy for hours by creating a shadow puppet show.  Have them retell a favorite story or come up with one of their own.  Either way, this is one cardboard craft that’s more like a card-un-bored craft!  DIY.



Perhaps a playhouse is too confining for your kids’ great big imaginations?  Ditch the walls and ceiling and build things from the inside out instead.  Washing machines, stoves, ovens, and more… your kids will get lost in all the fun!  DIY found here.


Pizza Box Easel

Aspiring artists will appreciate this cardboard craft.  Create an easel with little more than a simple pizza box.  Find the picture tutorial here.



Take a break from Legos for a while and build your own unique engineering feat.  It’s pretty amazing what cardboard, Sharpie, and some hot glue can do!  More info here.



Strike a chord of fun with cardboard guitars.  The rubber band strings really strum.  Kids will love coming up with their own unique designs!  Learn more here.


Train Village

Build a mountainous village and more around your wooden toy set.  The tunnels are especially cool!  Image source.


Viking Boats

Raise the anchors and set sail with cardboard viking boats.  These are great on their own but would be perfect for Legos and other small toys as well.  Find the blueprints and instructions from IKEA Brat.


Car Garage

Honk honk!  Put the pedal to the metal for an afternoon of automotive fun with a cardboard garage.  The paper towel roll tunnel is a particular highlight!  Image.


All Aboard

All aboard!  Hop on in this amazing cardboard train for first class travel to Hogwarts, Narnia, the North Pole, and more.  This and more cardboard train ideas found on Recyclart.



The holidays are crazy enough sometimes without making more mess!  For those days when your kids want to be festively creative but you just can’t handle the sticky clutter of baking, hand them some cardboard and white chalkboard markers instead.  Trace cookie cutters for the shapes.  Your kids will be just as happy making cardboard ornaments and you’ll be joyfully mess free.  Via.



Continuing with the holiday theme, use cardboard to help countdown those difficult days leading up to a much-anticipated Christmas morning!  Toilet paper rolls make the job easy.  I love the tissue “smoke” billowing out of the chimney!  DIY. 

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