10 Things You Can’t Forget to Pack In Your Diaper Bag

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Diapers, wipes, snacks… there are some things that are just givens when it comes to packing your baby’s diaper bag.  But then there are those other items that are easier to overlook.  Here are 10 things you can’t forget to pack in your diaper bag.

Changing Mat

When you gotta’ go, you gotta’ go.  For all those times when Baby lets loose, you’ll want an on-the-go changing mat.  Check out this excellent one by Mr. and Mrs. Little here.


Ziplock Bags

To keep clean things clean and dirty things isolated, be sure to ALWAYS have empty Ziplock bags in your diaper tote.  You’re welcome  😉


Extra Clothes

Second to wanting empty baggies to keep dirty clothes is keeping an extra set or two of fresh clothes.  Blow outs don’t have to mean blown plans! Image source. 


Furry Friends

Sometimes in the rush of grabbing all the obvious essential baby items we forget the less obvious comforts.  Little furry friends can sometimes be the difference between an inconvenient tantrum and a productive afternoon.  Image.


Nursing Canopy/Cover

Hungry tummies know no patience!  Be prepared for those times when Baby asks for some food, please.  I love these 4 in 1 nursing and car seat covers!


First Aid

Hopefully you never need it, but just in case, be prepared with a Baby first aid kit.  Include small containers of items such as diaper rash cream, bandages, upset tummy soother, etc.  Image.


Breast Pads

Mom has needs too!  Keep some spare breast pads in your diaper bag to avoid embarrassing leaking.  Find a list here for this year’s best breast pad products.


Nursing Balms

Another diaper bag item for Mom is nipple cream.  It won’t take up much space and there will be times when you’ll be glad you planned ahead for this one.  Check out 16 awesome Mom-approved nursing balms here.


Swaddle Blanket

Baby knows the best kept secret to dealing with stress and fatigue… a cozy and oh-so-secure swaddle blanket!  Don’t be caught out of the home without one!  If you haven’t discovered the wonders of Minky Couture yet, here’s your chance to check them out with their incredibly comfy swaddle blankets.



If you’re planning to be outside at all, do NOT forget baby sunglasses!  Even with hats and stroller covers, I can’t even say how many times I was relieved to have glasses to protect my Little Ones from an afternoon of blinded misery. Check out this list of the best baby glasses for 2017 on Baby List.


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