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Before I had my first baby I thought I was the queen of organization and so ready for the challenge of being a new mom.  LOL!  (Insert eye roll emoji here!).  Boy, did I have it coming to me when I later realized just how much STUFF babies have, and how much unique organization that requires.  From clothes to diapers, bibs and food, keeping all of Baby’s things neat and orderly can be pretty overwhelming.  I’ve pulled together some great ideas to help you stay on top of your game.  Here’s how to prepare for Baby (without going broke!)


Organize Clothes

Organize baby clothes by size with this easy closet hack.  Rack dividers will have you easily grabbing for clothes you know are the right size.  Find the idea from Susie Harris.


Drawer Dividers

Keep baby drawers nice and orderly with DIY drawer dividers.  I love that the ties and shoes are tiny enough to fit in such pint-sized spaces!  Find the DIY tutorial here.


High Chair Hook

Be at-the-ready for any spills and messes by adding a bib hook to the back of Baby’s high chair.  You can find hooks at local hardware stores, craft stores, supermarkets, or Amazon.  Image.


Bow Organizer

Keep Baby’s bows neat and show-worthy with this great DIY bow organizer.  This would be so cute to display in the bathroom near where you get Baby ready to go for the day.  It’s so precious!  Tutorial.


Breastmilk Storage

I wish I had thought of this super easy idea when I was still breastfeeding!  Keep your extra bags of milk all in a row by storing them in emptied 12 pack soda can boxes.  So simple!


Record Keeping

Just getting Baby home and settled is enough as it is without worrying about record keeping.  BUT this is one thing you really shouldn’t put off.  Keep all of Baby’s health records, birth documents, important receipts, and more in one safe place.  Make sure to organize everything into easy-to-find folders.  Target’s Threshold folders are always a favorite of mine.  Image.


Baby Station

Oh how I wish I had kept a more organized baby station with my first two babies!  It took me until my third baby to finally figure out that keeping diaper and other related supplies together near the changing station is MUCH easier to manage!  These IKEA organizers could NOT make the job more simple!  Get more product details and info here.


Baby Food Storage

I see all sorts of ideas for how to repurpose hanging shoe organizers, and I’d have to say that this is one of the more clever ideas I’ve seen.  Store Baby’s food jars and more in this easy-to-grab, clutter-free storage solution.  Via.


On-the-Go Formula

Save yourself from unnecessary stress when you’re in a rush by having ready-to-go containers of baby formula.  Sealable condiment containers are the perfect size!  Image.


Pacifier Storage

Another great way to use condiment containers is for pacifier storage.  What a simple solution to keeping binkies off the floor and germ-free!  Via.


Stain Remover

While we’re talking about being prepared for Baby, you might as well prepare yourself now for the poopy messes.  While you can’t avoid the messes, you CAN be prepared for how to remove the nasty stains.  Find four ways to remove baby poop stains here.  


Diaper Disposal

I don’t know of many toxic whiffs as bad as smelly diapers in the garbage.  One way I found to cut back on the awful odors was to put diapers in plastic bags before throwing them in the garbage.  Here’s an easy hack for keeping plastic bags close at hand and accessible.  Stank be gone!


Room Organization

I’ve tried so many toy organization ideas over the years and always end up going back to plain and simple bins or totes.  No hassle, nothing complicated, and easy for kids to use as well.  Learn how to make your own cute custom sized storage boxes from Northstory.

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