Safe Exercises You Can Do While Pregnant

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Don’t let that cute growing bump slow you down from staying active and fit during pregnancy.  In fact, if anything, pregnancy is an even more important time than ever to keep your body happy and healthy.  Read on for safe exercises you can do while pregnant.

Just Keep Swimming

Swimming is the ideal exercise for pregnant women!  Not only will you be strengthening muscles, but you’ll alleviate the strain off your pregnant-worn muscles and joints as well.  It helps reduce swelling, is low impact, and will help keep you within a healthy weight.  Just keep swimming!  More info from Baby Center.


Yes to Yoga!

Say “YES!” to yoga during pregnancy!  Although there are a handful of poses to avoid while Baby is in the oven, most yoga poses will increase energy levels, promote relaxation, increase blood flow, and will loosen tight muscles while also strengthening tired ones.  Do the downward dog over to Livestrong to read more about which poses are the best during pregnancy and which ones to avoid.


I Like to Ride My Bicycle

Take a load off your achy legs and get onto a stationary bike.  Put enough resistance on and you’ll increase your heart rate without putting additional strain on your joints.  You can always raise the handlebars if your back is hurting from your extra belly weight.  Ride on over to Very Well for advice on using stationary bikes during pregnancy.


Weight A Minute

Weight a minute!  Don’t assume that weight lifting is a guy thing!  It’s actually an excellent way to tone and stay toned during pregnancy and beyond.  Great for heart health, stamina building, and low impact… Baby Center explains these and more awesome benefits of weight lifting right here.


Walk This Way

Brisk walking during pregnancy is an ideal way to give your heart and lungs a healthy challenge without straining stressed joints.  Use a treadmill or get outside for some fresh air.  What an easy way to spend some extra time with your husband as well!  More info on Baby Centre.


The Home Stretch

As with many women, the third trimester of my pregnancies was fairly uncomfortable.  I did my best to keep up on light exercises but stretching quickly became my best friend.  Stretching will assist with blood and oxygen flow to all those pregnancy-strained muscles and bones.  What To Expect share 9 perfect stretches for expectant mothers.


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