All Natural DIY Stain Remover {For Baby Clothing}

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There’s no denying that dressing a baby is about as fun as it comes.  Well, okay, not the actual dressing part but choosing out the clothes and seeing them on after the dressing part.  It’s kind of exciting to get your little one out into public to let everyone see how cute he is.  Until that moment… the moment he smears something sticky on his nice, new shirt or the moment when something of an unnamed brown sort squishes out of his back side and gets all over his perfectly clean trousers.  Not fun to clean up initially and not fun to clean up off the clothes.  BUT, there is a solution for those nasty stains and it doesn’t require expensive products or dry cleaning.  Read on for instructions on how to make an all natural DIY stain remover {for baby clothing}.



– Quality Blue Dish Soap (Dawn is recommended)

– Baking Soda

– Hydrogen Peroxide

– Airtight Jar or Plastic Storage Container


Step 1

Depending on the size of the stain, mix one part of the dish soap with two parts of the hydrogen peroxide in your choice of the jar or plastic container.  Make sure all the peroxide is thoroughly mixed into the soap.

Step 2

Add about 1 Tablespoon of baking soda to the soap mixture and stir.  Continue adding little dashes of baking soda until your mixture has a paste-like consistency.  If you accidentally make it too thick, just add a little more hydrogen peroxide to loosen things up again.


Step 3

Generously apply some paste to the stain.  Then use a toothbrush or similar to rub the paste over the stain.  Make sure to brush both sides of the fabric since stains bleed through the fibers.  Image.


Step 4

Let the paste rest on the stain for at least an hour.  The bigger the stain, the longer you should wait.  After an adequate waiting period, wash the clothing according to the wash label.  After the wash cycle is complete, check to make sure the stain has been removed before moving things to the dryer.  If not, reapply the paste and return to the wash.  Repeat as much as needed.  Once the stain is gone, dry the clothing according the wash label. Image.

Step 5

Jump for joy and put those adorable CLEAN clothes back on your adorable baby!  Take that, stains!  Image.

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