14 Early Signs of Pregnancy

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It’s been a few weeks since you and your guy, well, you know… and it’s still too early to take a pregnancy test.  Waiting to find out if your pregnant can be the worst!  But you may not have to wait until a pregnancy test after all… Here are 14 early signs of pregnancy to help you get your much anticipated answers.


Shortness of Breath

Are you feeling unusually winded after even mild physical activities, such as going up stairs?  This could be an early sign of pregnancy.  Growing babies require oxygen too, leaving you with less than normal.  Read more about it here along with suggestions for what you can do to relieve the symptom.



Being tired after a long week at work isn’t anything out of the norm, but feeling downright exhausted at times you know are unusual for you might be an indication that you’re undergoing an increase in hormones. Learn more about fatigue during pregnancy from American Pregnancy Foundation.



Can’t seem to beat that “flu” you’ve had for a week or so now?  You might be experiencing your first go around with morning sickness.  This symptom is most commonly noticed around week 6 of your pregnancy but can start earlier as well.  The second trimester is usually a little kinder on the tummy than the first.  Until things settle down for you, try to find foods that will settle your stomach.  Saltine crackers and sipping on Coca Cola were my go-to nausea fixes.  Find more info about morning sickness here.


Increased Urination

Find that you’re having to make bathroom stops more often?  Increased urination is another early sign of pregnancy as your body is working to create extra fluids.



Yet another sign of increased hormones, headaches can be in indication that you’re pregnant.  If this is indeed the case, be careful to take pg-safe acetaminophen instead of ibuprofin to manage your symptoms.



As your body has to adjust to the weight of a growing baby in your front, the ligaments in your back will loosen.  This can cause lower back pain that will continue throughout your pregnancy.  American Pregnancy explains more here.



You might already be used to some PMS cramping, but if the pain is more persistent than normal it could be an early sign of pregnancy.  As your uterus stretches to make room for a baby, it can cause some aches and pains.  Parents.com gives more information here.


Food Cravings & Aversions

If your normal appetite for foods has changed in unusual ways lately, pregnancy might be the explanation.  Whether you’re suddenly craving new (and possibly weird) foods, or if foods you once enjoyed now make your stomach turn, learn more about these signals here from Baby Center.


Constipation & Bloating

Extra progesterone produced during pregnancy can cause a sluggish digestive system, leading to constipation and bloating.  To help fight those waistline blues, Healthline shares 5 remedies for constipation during pregnancy here.


Mood Swings

Feeling a bit like an emotional roller coaster lately?  Pregnancy mood swings could be the culprit.  All those extra hormones are hard to keep in check, but be assured that everything should return to normal with careful care of your changing body.


Higher Body Temperature

As your body prepares for a growing baby, your blood flow increases by as much as 20%.  This jump in blood flow results in a higher basal body temperature making you feel unusually hot.  Read more from Kidspot.



Are certain smells suddenly super repulsive or off-putting?  This could be an early indication of pregnancy.  Visit Babble to learn how to deal with your pregnancy super nose.



Low blood sugar and blood pressure during pregnancy can lead to dizziness.  If you’re experiencing some new light headedness or head spinning, you could be pregnant.  Find out more on The Bump.



Wait?  I thought being pregnant meant you’d miss your period…?  It does, but if your period was a little earlier or lighter than normal, it might not be your period but, rather, a sign of implantation bleeding.  This can occur after a fertilized egg attaches to your uterine wall.  American Pregnancy explains it all here.

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