Cash-Free Tooth Fairy Traditions


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Have you heard?  The Tooth Fairy is changing things up!  Instead of leaving coins under the pillow in exchange for lost teeth, she’s making things a little more personal.  Read on to find out some of the best new ways she’s creating lost-tooth traditions without the cash.


Tooth Certificate

Make a lost tooth official with a lost tooth certificate.  You can find this cute certificate here or find many other options on Pinterest.




Throw Your Tooth on the Roof

Instead of pillow cases and coins, kids from other parts of the world have their own unique traditions whenever they lose a tooth.  Case in point:  Children in Botswana throw lost teeth on the roof of their house.  Share this and other tooth traditions from around the world by reading this fun book with your child whenever they lose a tooth of their own.  I LOVE making traditions centered around books!!


Tooth Fairy Basket

Forget the toys and treats and instead fill a basket with different tooth care products brought specially from the Tooth Fairy herself.  Include items such as a new toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash that will help keep all those other teeth nice and healthy.  After all, who wants to lug around dirty, spoiled teeth all night?  Get the full mouthful on Cul de Sac Cool.


Tooth Fairy Notes

The Tooth Fairy may not be leaving change anymore, but she always has time to write back when she finds a note under the pillow.  Get this adorable stationary that’s perfect for fairy sized hands right here from Handmade Charlotte.


Tooth Pouch

How DOES the Tooth Fairy carry all those teeth?  Help her out by having a special bag to carry your lost chomper.  It also helps keep it nice and safe under your pillow before the Tooth Fairy has a chance to pick it up.  Learn how to make these simple little pouches over at Purl Soho.


Door Knob Exchange

One of the Tooth Fairy’s biggest complaints is having to pick up all those big, human heads to find lost teeth.  She gets pretty exhausted from all that heavy lifting!  Help her out by leaving lost teeth in a door knob hanger instead of under the pillow.  She likes to leave notes and a new toothbrush in exchange.  Best of all, no one wakes up in the process, which the Tooth Fairy appreciates as well  😉   Get your personalized door knob hanger here.


A Different Kind of Penny

So the Tooth Fairy IS leaving money after all!  Only, this time, she’s leaving her mark as well and it’s worth her weight in porcelain.  These special pennies can be purchased from Etsy merchant Studio Twelve 28 Shop. I love how the border around the coin is made of little teeth!  A Tooth Fairy coin collection is a pretty special tradition indeed!  And that’s the tooth!

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