Leaf Paint Art For Kids

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Leaf Paint Art For Kids

If you’re looking for an exciting new way for your kids to get out some creativity this fall, give leaf painting a try.  Throw out those old brushes and be blown away with what your kids come up with.  Image source.


Leaf Brush

One method for leaf painting is to make a leaf brush.  Simply tape some leaves to the end of a normal paint brush and paint away.  It’s best if you just dip parts of the leaves in the paint and then apply to paper rather than coating too much of the leaves with the paint.  Source.


Leaf Stamping

An alternative to taping bunched up leaves on the end of a paintbrush is to tape them down in a pattern to create a kind of stamp.  What different images can your kids imagine up with the same stamp?  See more leaf stamping ideas here.


Leaf Printing

As an opposite to leaf stamping, have your children try leaf printing.  You just press a stamp firmly on your paper and paint over the edges to create a kind of leaf silhouette.  I like how they used a variety of Fall colors here!  Image source. 


Landscape Scene

Create a landscape scene by placing leaf stamps on top of an Autumn-inspired painting.  Watch the video tutorial here.


Variety Counts

Use a variety of leaves and plants to make your paintbrushes to give different textures and patterns.  Read more about this evergreen brush here.


Go Create!

You have all the basics of leaf painting now so what are you waiting for?!  Go gather your leaves, the paint (purchase yours at Michaels!)  and your paper and see what great things you and your children come up with.  You won’t beLEAF how much it is!  Image source.


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