Parenting Tips for Every New Mom

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14 years after my oldest was born, I still hear bits of advice for new moms I wish I’d known when I first started out.  As my niece has recently become a first time mom herself, it’s had me thinking about what suggestions I can share with her to get her off on the right foot.  So, in honor of my niece, here are parenting tips for every new mom.


Live in the Present

As many women can relate to, we like to plan.  Plan for tomorrow, plan for next month, plan for an hour from now.  But with a baby…?  You can almost forget it!  You have to be ready for and flexible enough for plans to change in a moment.  You have get to live in the present!  I wish I had just given myself permission to live in the here and now and not stress so much about making plans for everything.  ENJOY the unscheduled time you have with your new baby.  It’ll be gone before you know it.  Image source.


Meal Time

Of course you should try to keep your baby to a schedule but baby doesn’t care about agendas.  Get used to it.  He’ll eat when he’s hungry.  Don’t stress about it.  Don’t push.  Image source.


Early Bedtime

Stick to an early bedtime when it comes to newborns.  It can be tempting sometimes to let them stay up until you go to bed yourself, but developing a habit for early bedtime now will save you in the future.  Plus, early bedtimes will allow you and Baby both to get the rest you need for a great day tomorrow.  Read more here.


Be Ready For Sick Days

Don’t wait until your baby is actually sick before buying care essentials.  Have infant-friendly medications for symptoms ranging from the flu to diarrhea, rashes and dehydration.  Image source.


Team Baby

Enlist a “Team Baby” for support.  You’ll need advice, encouragement, and in-the-moment baby sitters.  Identify the people in your life you can turn to when you need.  Love them hard and thank them often!  Image source. 


Let Your Partner Take Over

Sure your partner has responsibilities outside the home, but he was all in when it came to having Baby too, so let him take over every opportunity he can.  Giving baths, feeding, going on walks, and more are all great bonding moments that should be shared.  Image source.



You can NEVER start too early when it comes to reading to your child.  They may not understand the words, but it really will help develop creativity and curiosity from the earliest stages of life.  These are wonderful bonding moments as well.  Learn more here.


Go Small With Changes

Transitioning from a bottle to a sippy cup, moving from crib to bed… changes are hard for all of us, let alone a toddler who’s still so new to life.  Make these big changes in small steps by slowly introducing your child to new objects and routines before actually taking the plunge.  Image source.


Trust Your Instincts

One of the hardest parts of being a new mom is figuring out what to do when questions and concerns arise.  Everyone around you will want to help and will offer up advice, doctors include.  However, there will be times when that advice just doesn’t settle right in your gut.  Trust your gut!  Get second and third opinions if you need, but in the end, go with what you know in your heart to be best for you and your baby.  Read more here.


Personal Time-Outs

As much as you envision yourself as the perfect, most patient and amazing mother, just wait.  Fatigue, frustration, and confusion will settle in and that picture perfect mom you envisioned will start packing her bags.  But she doesn’t have to leave on bad terms with you losing your temper.  Instead, give yourself a time-out to recharge and recenter.  Enlist the help of family and friends to take over with baby while you pull yourself back together.  It’s okay to need a break every so often!  Read more here.



One of my favorite activities as a new mom was to walk, walk, walk!  It isn’t always an option when going from A to B, but as much as possible, walk instead of drive.  Not only will it help you emotionally, but I believe it also helps your children to foster a love for nature and playing outside.


Backup Photos and Videos

You’re great at documenting Baby’s big moments with photos and videos.  But life happens.  Photos get lost.  Photos get ruined.  But since you’ve backed up all your media, those memories will continue to live on!  Image source.


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