Parenting Tips for Every New Mom

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14 years after my oldest was born, I still hear bits of advice for new moms I wish I’d known when I first started out.  As my niece has recently become a first time mom herself, it’s had me thinking about what suggestions I can share with her to get her off on the right foot.  So, in honor of my niece, here are parenting tips for every new mom.


Live in the Present

As many women can relate to, we like to plan.  Plan for tomorrow, plan for next month, plan for an hour from now.  But with a baby…?  You can almost forget it!  You have to be ready for and flexible enough for plans to change in a moment.  You have get to live in the present!  I wish I had just given myself permission to live in the here and now and not stress so much about making plans for everything.  ENJOY the unscheduled time you have with your new baby.  It’ll be gone before you know it.  Image source.


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