Super Simple Tips for School Picture Day

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I’m a full time teacher when I’m not blogging.  One of the unexpected roles that comes along with teaching is that of a hair and clothing stylist when it comes to school photos.  I’m constantly asked to fix fancy hairdos and pull magic tricks to clean clothes that have become dirty throughout the day.  I can’t claim any special skills but, nevertheless, parents ask me questions every year like I’m some kind of Nat Geo photographer or something.  I decided to be one step ahead of the questions this year and do some research on the FAQs I hear most often.  Here are super simple tips for school picture day.



Help your child select clothing that will compliment their appearance.  You want the focus of the picture to be your child, not loud colors, symbols, or slogans.  Keep jewelry to a minimum for the same reasons.  Also, don’t count on head or torso shots only.  Many photography companies are now including body shots with their products.  Photo source.



Glasses are completely fine to wear for picture day!  Professional photographers have learned how to work some magic when it comes to reducing glare and flash.  Image source.



Hair is probably the topic of 70% of the questions I answer for parents about picture day.  Students can technically style their hair any way they’d like so long as it meets school dress code standards, but it’s recommended that you help your child look their best.  Keep it simple but also well thought out.  Leave the crazy, silly hairdos at home, especially in today’s digital world where you can take fun photos any other time you’d like.  Depending on how your child’s hair grows, you might want to consider getting a haircut a week or so ahead of time to allow hair to grow back to a more natural look.  Image source.


Keep It Fun

It happens every year… a parent is so worried about their child’s pictures that the child becomes anxious as well.  And trust me when I say that those nerves show up on camera every.  single.  time.  Of course school pictures are meant to be more on the serious side, but there’s always makeup picture day or even photos simply taken at home on the same day.  Do you best to plan for picture day and remind your child just to smile and have fun.  Smiles, not strained “perfection”, always win out in the end!  Image source.



There should just be a rule that states that school pictures must be taken in the mornings before any recesses or lunch.  If only that were practical in every situation.  But as it’s not and some photos end up being taken after lunch, it’s best to take some meal time precautions.  Pack a lunch free of any foods that commonly get stuck in teeth.  Examples of no-go foods include broccoli, carrots, popcorn, beans, corn, orange, juices, and anything chocolate, (which has an uncanny way of showing up on faces on picture day).  Stick with softer foods and items free of skins and seeds.  Image source.


Skip the Makeup

It seems like every year there are girls in younger and younger grades who are wearing makeup as a serious part of their look.  You’d think these kids were going to prom or something!  While it’s cute for little girls to play dress up or take glamour shots, it’s really not necessary for anyone below 6th grade to wear cover up.  What is there even to cover up?!  Imperfections and flaws are PART of a child’s look.  They’re part of the charm and cuteness of being a KID!  Image source.


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