10 Deliciously Spooky Halloween Snacks for Kids

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One of the best parts of Halloween is the costumes.  A whole day getting to be someone or something besides yourself (of course knowing that you’ll be you again tomorrow).  But it’s just as fun that people aren’t the only ones that change their identity for the day.  Think of all those spooktakular snacks that get to don a mask as well.  So, whether you’ve joined this foody tradition yet or not, here are 10 deliciously spooky Halloween snacks for kids.

Mummy Pretzels 

Get all wrapped up in the these tasty mummy treats.  Just add candy eyes to white chocolate dipped pretzels and snack time will be ready to rise from the dead.  Get the recipe from Let’s Dish Recipes.


Spider Pizza Bites

Use olives to make creepy crawly pizza bites.  Make the base of the pizza with mini bagel crisps and then add tomato paste, cheese, and olives to spin it all together.  Read more information here.



This frankeguac is electrifyingly fun!  Spread your favorite guacamole in a rectangle on a serving dish and add veggies and more to make Frankenstein’s face.  Use blue tortilla chips for the hair.  Get the recipe and assembly directions here.


Pumpkin Deviled Eggs

These gourdish delights are a sure way to carve out some good times!  Shape the filling like a pumpkin and add a sprig of parsley for the stem.  Paprika adds a tasty pop of flavor on top.  Recipe found here.


BATastic Chips

Cinnamon sugar is a favorite flavor in our home.  My boys love sprinkling it on buttered toast and extra pie crust in particular.  Another favorite is cinnamon sugar tortilla chips!  To make these addictive little bites, just use a bat shaped cookie cutter to punch out the chips from flour tortillas.  Dip the chips in melted butter, sprinkle on the cinnamon sugar, and bake!  Bats all folks!  Fly on over to Simple Recipes for the full recipe.


Zombie Boogers

Zombies everywhere agree that this Halloween treat is ripe for the picking.  Add green and yellow food coloring to your favorite popcorn ball recipe to make the juicy snack.  Come fright this way for the full directions.


Looky Looky

Call olive your kids to the kitchen to get an eye popping look at what you’ve prepared for today’s haunting treat.  Use green olives and mozzarella balls to make the sightly snack.  Just remind your kids that it isn’t polite to roll their eyes.  Don’t blink or you’ll miss the recipe over at GiantEagle.com.


Bone Appetit!

This Halloween snack is straight from the cookbook of Ghoulia Child:  Bone Appetit!  Simply tie knots into your favorite ready-to-bake breadsticks for some bone chilling delight.  Get scared to the bone with the recipe from Kraft.


Jack of All Treats

Candy and sweets aren’t the only yummy Halloween treats and these jack-o-lantern fruit cups are carving the way to prove it.  Hollow out an orange before carving a jack-o-lantern face and filling it with bite-sized fruit bits.  With no processed foods or preservatives and all the fun of other Halloween treats, you’ll all be wiping pump grins off your faces.  Get more information here.


PB & J Spiderwich

Eight tiny legs is all that you’ll need,

To turn PB & J into a creepy fun feed.

Kids will love getting all caught and spun,

Bread, chocolate, and pretzels for some spiderwich fun!

Crawl here for directions.


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