8 Wholesome Recipes for Baby

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Transitioning your baby from baby food to solid foods can be a tricky business.  What are safe foods?  What will meet my baby’s nutritional needs?  What are the easiest for Baby to handle?  Here are 8 wholesome recipes that are perfect for transitioning Baby into eating solid foods.


Sweet Potato Waffles

These bite sized sweet potato waffles are a great option for Baby’s first “solid” foods.  Made for tiny fingers, easy to chew, simple to make, and super tasty.  Use oats and sweet potatoes as the base for this wholesome menu option.  Baby Foode shares the recipe here.


Pea Fritters

Eggs and mashed peas make the base for these tasty pea fritters.  Serve them hot or cold, either way they’re easy for Baby to handle.  Plus, with all the fiber, protein, and vitamin C peas provide, you can feel good about taking care of Baby’s nutritional needs as well.  Recipe found here.


Rainbow Peppers Feta Quiche

These mini egg bites are packed with surprises.  With an assortment of peppers, bread crumbs, feta, and Greek yogurt, they’re like a little explosion of tastiness with every bite.  Don’t think Baby will like peppers or feta?  Just mix and match the recipe with ingredients you know your Little One will enjoy better.  Find the recipe here.


Apricot Bites

You’re only 5 ingredients away from pure yum when it comes to making these simple apricot bites.  All you need are dried apricots, blanched almonds, almond extract, rolled oats, and shredded coconut.  Buy it all unsweetened, and you’ll not only have a pop of flavor but a pop of good nutrition as well.  AND, they’re the perfect size for Baby to hold as well as the perfect texture for Baby to eat.  Can’t go wrong with this recipe.


Cranberry Orange Muffins

One fun thing about the stage of introducing Baby to new and solid foods is when they experience new flavor profiles.  Their curious or surprised faces can be so adorably funny.  These cranberry orange muffins, however, are a great way to introduce Baby to the world of tartness.  The orange zest and cream cheese offer sweet and creamy balances to the sour zing of the cranberries.  Baby will love the crescent roll dough as well.  Play Party Plan shares the recipe here.


Confetti Pasta

In our home, pasta is more of a rarity so there’s always a party when it’s on the menu.  However, Baby will agree that no pasta party is quite like when you get down with confetti pasta.  With itty bites of nutritious vegetables and a sprinkle of savory parmesan, every bite is like a celebration.  Get out the party hats and pinata with all the recipe details from Go Grow Go.


Oven Roasted Sweets and Beets 

Fall is officially here and with it, the season of roasting!  Cut your Little One’s favorite vegetables into finger-grabbing chunks before adding just a dash of seasoning and roasting in the oven.  With no processed ingredients or additives, Baby’s tummy will be as happy as her mouth!  Get all the roasting details from Super Healthy Kids.


Veggie Nuggets

Let’s be honest here.  Chicken nuggets are awesome!  Fried, salty, mostly unrecognizable ingredients, but, admittedly still really delicious.  But as a parent, you know that taste isn’t everything, especially when it comes to young babies!  Get all the fun of these bite sized tasty nuggets without all the junky ingredients by making your own veggie based nuggets instead.  Now that’s something you and Baby can both agree on for a wholesome snaky favorite.

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