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I am super excited to tell all of you about one of my FAVORITE baby gear companies! When I had my eldest boy, I purchased my diaper bag and stoller blanket from Ah Goo Baby, and immediately fell in love with the durable quality. The diaper bag lasted me until my youngest boy had turned four! Talk about long-lasting! As my other two boys were born, I began buying more and more from Ah Goo Baby, and I would never buy baby gear from anywhere else. Keep reading for my FAVORITE Ah Goo Baby Gear, and a special offer for all Half Pint Peeps readers!

Perfect for babies who are just learning to crawl! Protect their sensitive knees with Kneekers – Baby Knee Pads from Ah Goo Baby. Your baby..and their knees will thank you!

How incredible would it be to have a changing pad that you could roll up and carry with you wherever you go? Ah Goo Baby has you covered with the Ah Goo Baby Plush Pad Changing Pad.

Finding a diaper bag that has an adequate amount of storage space without looking too bulky is hard for any mother! I love how sleek and small this Ah Goo Baby diaper bag looks.  It’s available in 8 different colors so you are sure to find a shade that compliments you well!

Baby needs to stay warm while they’re being pushed around in their stroller! Keep them warm, while looking exceptionally fashionable with a Ah Goo Baby Stroller Blanket. There are tons of patterns available, and every blanket rolls up into it’s own carrying case for easy transportation and even easier storage.

Your baby deserves something luxurious to lay on! If you’re tired of low-quality baby plush pads that fall apart fast, check out The #1 Selling Baby Plush Pad at Ah Goo Baby. And guess what? It’ll only set you back about $34.95!

Interested in purchasing some of this INCREDIBLE baby gear? Half Pint Peeps has an incredible offer for all of our readers! Enter code HPP123 at checkout to recieve an additional 20% off your entire order. The offer is vaild October 1st- December 31st. The code can only be used one time, per customer. I hope you all love it as much as I did!

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