Seriously Cool 5 Minute Science Projects for Kids

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Science always seems to be the subject with a bad reputation. But it doesn’t have to be that way!  In fact, when you have some neat experiments, science is actually really cool!  And not all experiments have to be complicated in order to be fun.  So whether you need to make a science project for school or want to have meaningful play time at home, here are some seriously cool 5 minute science projects for kids.

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring!

Why does rain fall out of clouds?  Answer this and other similar questions with a raincloud in a jar experiment.  Aside from the plastic and/or glass containers, all you’ll need for this rainy day experiment is food coloring and shaving cream.  Learn more here.

Deep Blue Sea

I can’t help but think of Mr. Ray from Finding Nemo when I see this neat ocean zones experiment.  Mr. Ray sings a song about the oceans zones to his class that starts like this:

“Oooh, let’s name the zones, the zones, the zones. Let’s name the zones of
the open sea: mesopolagic, bathyal, abyssalpelagic. All the rest are too
deep for you and me to see.”

So with the song in mind, look how fantastic this ocean zones-in-a-jar experiment is for modeling the different layers of the ocean!  You probably already have all the supplies in your pantry and you can pull it off in 5 minutes or less!  What a great way to help your Little Cousteau understand more about ocean habitats and the deep blue sea!

I Lava This Experiment!

What is it about lava lamps that is so mesmerizing?!  Whatever it is, use that mysterious power of the lava lamp to capture your kids’ attention to teach them about different states of matter.  Aside from water and a plastic or glass bottle, you’ll only need to grab some food coloring, cooking oil, and Alka Seltzer tablets.  Get the whole bubbly DIY right here from Your’s Truly on Half Pint Peeps!

Orange You Smart!

This quick experiment is as easy as filling a clear jar with water and tossing in both a peeled and an unpeeled orange.  Might sound a bit TOO simple, but when you really investigate the science behind what happens, you have quite a juicy lesson indeed!  You’re kids will be vitamin-packed with knowledge all about density, force, and gravity.  Get all the information here.


One of my favorite experiences as both a teacher and mother is when my kids (real and classroom) have the “AHA” moments.  And with this neat water experiment, your Little Einsteins will be saying “H2-Ohhh!” before you know it!  You’ll need various cooking and baking items such as baking powder, salt, sugar, pepper, various candies, and/or other spices.  Watch what happens when water is mixed with each and then discuss the science behind what makes an object soluble or insoluble in water.  Find the activity DIY here and an excellent lesson behind the science from Science Sparks.

Beary Fascinating!

You’ll have a house full of young chemists after this beary exciting activity!  Discover how gummy bears react to different liquids and chemicals by leaving the candies immersed overnight in ice cube trays.  Why did some bears expand while others shriveled or blanched?  Besides, who doesn’t love science that tastes good too!?  Get all the gummy details here.

I’m Your Father!

Another equally simple gummy experiment will tap into your inner Darwin.  Just use an Xacto knife to splinch gummy bears and reassemble them to demonstrate genetics.  Sorry Darth Vader, we are so 3 steps ahead of you this time!  Geek Families shares more about this experiment here.

A Cracking Good Experiment

Use some graham crackers to pull off this cracking good experiment.  The activity demonstrates the science behind plate tectonics and earthquakes.  Learn more here.

A World Whorled Of Information

Are you an arch, loop, or whorl?  We’re talking fingerprints, of course!  Expand your kids’ knowledge about DNA and genetics with this popping activity.  And with how much you’ll learn, there’ll be no need to call Sherlock in for this investigation.

Egg-Cellent Learning

This exciting experiment will leave your kids a bit “shell” shocked as they learn about the incredible force of gravity.  It’s almost part science, part magic trick!  Watch the video tutorial here.



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