Great Ideas for When Your Kids Are “Bored”


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No doubt that if you’re a mom, you’ve heard the all-too-common announcement, “I’m booooored!”.  As a mother of three and a teacher to 26, I have the perfect fail proof activities to have on hand to remedy all bouts of boredom.  Here are great ideas for when your kids are bored:

Scavenger Hunt

There’s great adventure to be had when one embarks on a scavenger hunt!  And boy do kids get into these!  This is one of my favorite go-to boredom busters that I make sure to pull out only on occasion to ensure it doesn’t lose it’s power.  My boys and I especially like nature walk scavenger hunts because it gets us away from the house but not too far.  Get some free checklists here. Color scavenger hunts can also be really fun.

Painted Rocks

Painting is always a fun way to battle boredom but painting on rocks is even better!  Acrylic paints work best.  These owl rocks are a real hoot, but check out this list of ten ideas for painting rocks with kids.

No Sew Sock Pets

When friends aren’t available to play, just make your own warm friend instead!  Hot glue, elastics, fabric, and fabric markers all work great.  More info found here.

Bird Brain

My youngest son in particular has a real way with animals.  It amazes me to see how little creatures almost seem to seek him out when they’re injured or in need.  He just loves to do anything he can to care for small animals.  But even his non animal-whispering older brothers also love to get in on building bird houses from time to time.  Here’s a great list of bird feeder projects you can build in an hour or less.


Get starry eyed with stargazing to shine out night time boredom.  As a pre-gazing activity you can make these neat constellation viewers using tissue paper and toilet paper rolls.  I make these every year with my students and always have great success!  Learn more about this super star activity here.


Photo Hunt

Picture this for a boredom buster: an at-home photo hunt.  If the kids are bored but going out isn’t an option, get them searching through family photos to find a list of common items.  They’ll have so much fun looking at old photos that they’ll almost forget they’re on a hunt!  Seek out a free hunt list here.


Friendship Bracelets

Weave away boredom by making friendship bracelets.  My boys used to love making anklets when they were younger!  I loved how it kept them happily occupied for hours at a time!  Click here to find 10 easy patterns.


Tic Tac Toe Frisbee

Add some fresh air and movement to a classic game of tic tac toe.  You just need some spare frisbees and a way to mark the grid on the grass or driveway.   Read more info here.


Bowl Away Boredom

Who needs a bowling alley?  Set up a game of bottle bowling to bowl away the boredom.  Start playing in a matter of minutes with some empty plastic bottles and a medium sized ball.  Image source.


Name That DISNEY Tune

For your Little Mozarts or Disney fans alike, play a game of Name That Tune Disney style.  Then go pop in your favorite Disney movie afterwards for more boredom-passing fun.  Get the audio game for free here on YouTube.







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