How to Make Your Own Whirly Cool Fidget Spinners

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You’ve seen them everywhere by now, from convenience stores and toy stores to amusement parks and more.  There’s no doubt that fidget spinners are the current fad for kids.  And like with all current trends, my teacher self looks for ways to turn the high-interest item into a learning opportunity.  But teaching and learning with a silly spin toy?!  You bet!  Grab your engineering hat and check out these ways to make your own whirly cool fidget spinners.


Le-go My Spinner!

Use America’s favorite toy to make the country’s current “it” toy.  Legos can be assembled in all sorts of ways to turn and spin.  How many can you and your Little Builders design?  Frugal Fun for Boys & Girls shares one idea here.  Also check out this video for 5 other fidget builds as well.

Penny Pincher

Give a whole new meaning to the term penny pincher with this coin-inspired fidget spinner.  Get your kids thinking like scientists by challenging them to experiment how the spinner might work differently with different coins.  Find the DIY here.

Not Cardboard Card-Bored

Your kids will definitely not be bored with this cardboard challenge!  See if they can come up with fidget spinner designs that will have their fingers occupied for hours.  Project instructions found here.

Bear With It!

Bear with this fidget spinner project using paracord and skate bearings.  Although it will require some special pieces, this is perhaps the most authentic DIY fidget you can make!  Get the easy-to-follow video tutorial here.  What other arrangements can you come up with for the bearings when designing your own?


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