Fast Ways To Make Your Kids Bedrooms SPOTLESS

I’ve tried many ways to help my boys keep their rooms clean.  Some work for awhile, but, in the end, we wind up with foot-high piles of clothes and who knows what else on the floor.  That was all before I got serious about storage space.  Now, a few DIY projects and careful trips to the store later, those rooms are so well stocked with storage space now that it’s almost a talent to make a mess.  Here are fast ways to make your kids bedrooms spotless.

Why is it that most kids live in bedrooms that look like pig pens. Clothes all over the place, the bed not made and on and on. One might describe it looking like a bomb went off. Kids don't care, but my guess is the parents do. If you want to learn ways to make your kids bedrooms spotless, keep on reading. These time saving hacks will save you from many headaches. #cleaningtips #cleankidsbedroom

Fast Ways To Make Your Kids Bedrooms SPOTLESS

 1. Cube Shelf

Cube shelves are definitely an “in” thing right now, but for good reason.  You can find quality cube shelves for low prices (hello Target and IKEA!), it’s versatile, and it can changed up as often as you’d like.  The easy access shelves and storage boxes make for very easy clean up!  Source.

2. Crate Shelving

Use crate boxes to create shelving for books.  Simply cut the boxes in half, add some paint if you’d like, and mount them on the wall.  Keep them lower to the floor so little hands can reach the boxes for easy clean up.  Source.

3. Wall Mounted Crates

Aside from using crates to make bookshelves, you can also use them for other storage and display purposes. Source.

4. Toy Totes

Use tote bags to store toys on a wall or door.  I love this idea for quick clean-ups because the totes can come down off the wall and be right there near the mess.  Clean-up is as simple as tossing toys into the bag and hanging the bag on a hook on your way out.  Source.

5. Toy Storage Table 

Invest in or make a storage table for toys.  Having the storage bins or baskets right by all the fun action makes for very quick clean up.  Source. Trust me, this will totally help keep your kids bedrooms cleaner.

6. Fabric Baskets

Fabric baskets should become one of your organizational best friends if they aren’t already.  They both declutter and add some fun pops of style and color to any room.  They are so handy for holding small toys and other lose items.  Find yours at stores like Target and Kohl’s.  Vanilla Joy also shares a tutorial for how to make your own basket liner.

7. Shoe Organizer Storage

This is another idea I see around a lot of places but it makes sense considering how practical it is!  Use a show organizer to store stuffed animals and other toys.  I prefer to keep ours on the inside of the closet instead of on the door for more of a clean cut look.  Check out Mommo Design for this and other stuffed animal storage ideas.

8. Small Toy Bins 

I have three very creative and imaginative boys.  They are naturals at being Lego engineers.  Needless to say, we own a lot (!!!) of Legos in our home.  I have found that storage bins with drawers are the perfect way to keep track of all those tiny pieces.  Place the bins in cube shelving so you can also use some of the shelves to display the Lego creations.  Get this and more ideas from One Mile Home Style.

9. Storage Beds

All three of my boys have some kind of storage bed or loft bed and I don’t plan to change that.  Each bed brings such a unique style to my boys’ rooms and has made clean up and decor display super easy.  My favorite loft beds are from Pottery Barn (of course!), but vendors such as Wayfair have very similar options for half the cost or less.  Source.

10. Under the Bed Drawers

Purchase a bed with pull out drawers or invest in a rolling drawer to add under the bed you already own.  It’s no different than putting things under the bed to keep them off the floor except that your items aren’t showing for everyone to see.  Much more display-worthy!  Source.

11. Storage Cube

Convert cube shelving into a hidden storage cube.  I especially love how they used the cube to make a reading nook.  Can’t go wrong with making a special place to read with your children!!  Learn how to make your own storage cube from IKEA Hackers.

12. Closet Organizer

Re-purpose a hanging closet organizer for toy control instead of shoes and clothes.  Boxes fit so snuggly into the shelves that they’ll have no room to tip over and make messes of their own.  What an easy way to put games and puzzles away after you’re done playing with them! Source. I hope these help keep your kids bedrooms spotless!

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