How to Kid-Proof Your Bathroom

As any mother knows, once your toddler can get around on their own, the bathroom becomes a major area of concern.  Here are some suggestions and tips I’ve found to kid-proof the danger zone.

1. Door Knobs

The best precaution you can take is to keep toddlers out of the bathroom altogether.  Keep your beauty care essentials behind closed doors by investing in a very worthwhile doorknob lock like this one from KidCo.

2. Toilet

Prevent drowning accidents by keeping a lock on your toilet.  This lock from KidCo resets automatically each time the seat is closed.

3. Tub Mat

Place a grip-surface mat in the tub to help avoid slips.  Vendors like Target sell kid friendly mats like this cute polka dot version.

4. Floor Mat

Also place nonslip mats on the floor like this adorable anchor mat from Pottery Barn Kids.  (Can I just live inside that store?!)  Nonslip mats will keep floors dry and reduce the risk of slipping.

5. Tub Spout

Avoid collisions between the tub spout and little heads with a tub spout cover.  You can find spout covers like this cute Moby whale at Target and other retailers who sell bathroom supplies.

6. Medicine & Toiletries

Keep baby safe from potential overdoses or ingested poisons by storing medicine and toiletries up high.  If that isn’t an option, seriously consider purchasing cabinet locks to keep curious fingers at bay.  Check out some options from Buy Buy Baby.

7. Trash Cans

If you must keep a trash can in your bathroom, be extra careful with what you throw away.  Sharp objects such as razors, medications, and choking hazards all present potential dangers.  You can also consider garbage cans with lockable lids such as this Hefty wastebasket at Target.

8. Windows

The view outside the window is tempting!  Every year, around 5,000 children take a fall out a window.  Don’t be part of the statistic by neglecting to baby-proof bathroom windows.  Parent Guide offers a list of tips and suggested products for window safety.

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