You’re On A Roll! How to Craft With Recycled Toilet Paper Rolls

1.  Invent an Advent

Invent your own homey advent calendar with toilet paper rolls and a little additional cardboard.  Glue a thick(ish) paper or aluminum foil on the front of the rolls to punch out each day as it comes along.  You can either print the dates on the paper for a cleaner look or you can always have fun letting your Little Elves decorate tubes with markers and stickers instead.  If you’re feeling especially creative, try having the family construct other holiday shapes instead (such as a tree).  Don’t forget to fill each tube with a small gift or holiday thought.

2. A Deck of Gift Cards

Money is always precious during the holidays.  Rather than spending those few extra dollars that could otherwise go toward a more worthy or festive cause, make your own gift card boxes!  Once the box is assembled, have fun decorating them with ribbon, yarn, washi tape, and more.

3. Tricks & Treats

Make a simple candy garland to decorate for a spooky party.  Fill the tubes with sweet treats to give out as party favors as your guests and ghouls go home.  Details here.

4. Ring It On!

Ring on the napkin rings!  Give your party table an extra roll of eye-grabbing flair with a themed napkin ring.  From elegant wedding and holiday gatherings to casual meals and kid parties, the possibilities are endless!

5. Wingardium Leviosa!

Conjure up your own Hogwarts Dining Hall floating candles.  These are perfect for a Harry Potter party brought to life!  So easy to make and such a bright idea!  Get the DIY instructions from This Calls For A Party.

6.  Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Gather your little pilots, conductors, and speedsters to satisfy their need for speed!  These toilet paper roll cars, planes, and trains would make for a great rainy day or summertime craft.  Or perhaps Lightning McQueen, Dusty Crophopper, and Thomas the Train would like to join you for a revving fun movie night!

7. Light the Night

Give your party a colorful boost with this polka dot lantern garland.  For the “hole” list of materials and directions, check out Just Crafty Enough.

8.  Snow Joke!

It’s “snow” joke how fun these toilet paper roll snowflakes are!  When Jack Frost is out and the kids are stuck in, have fun crafting a sturdier take on those wimpy cutout paper snowflakes.

9. Spares with Spares

Use your spare toilet paper tubes to roll out some bowling spares.  This simple DIY is sure to strike up some fun.  Head down the lane to Thrive 360 Living for more information.

10. Royal Treatment

Give your Prince or Princess some royal treatment at their next party with these adorable tube crowns.  Just grab some washi tape or ribbon and party guests will be happily ever after in no time at all!  Find the enchanting instructions at Craft and Creativity.

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