12 Snacks for the Pickiest Kids

Let’s face it… it’s in many kid’s nature to just be picky. They like what they like and turn their noses (or, rather, their taste buds) to suggestions. From fun finger foods to simple, irresistible ingredients, here are 12 snacks for even the pickiest of kids.

1. Apple Cinnamon Energy Bites

These no-bake delights from kristineskitechblog.com are packed with good energy and are perfect for those picky eaters! Grab some oats, cinnamon, grated apples, and almond butter for a treat that’s sure to hit the spot.   For those especially picky eaters, let them choose their own add-in ingredients from peanut or cashew butter, to cranberries, yogurt chips, or pumpkin seeds.

2. Sneaky Chef Fruit & Veggie Muffins

Who doesn’t like the convenience of packaged grab-and-go muffins for breakfast? Too bad they’re loaded with processed “foods” and sugars that have little nutritional value. Superhealthykids.com offers a much healthier solution with these tasty fruit & veggie muffins. “Forget” to mention that they’re made with veggies and even the pickiest kids won’t be able to tell.

3. Sandwich Kebobs

Presentation really can be everything! Sometimes the solution to getting picky eaters to be interested in food is simply in how it’s presented. With simpleasthatblog.com’s sandwich kebobs, even the most basic ham and cheese sandwich takes on a mouth-watering appeal. Particular eaters can help select the ingredients and construct their own kebobs.

4. Oven Dried Apple Chips

Texture can make a big difference when it comes to finicky eaters. Taking your average apple and oven baking it to give a satisfying crunch may be all you need to give your kids that “keep-the-doctor-away” goodness. Ourbestbites.com provides step-by-step directions and tips. Be sure to read how to use sugar-free Jell-O as a fun way to add some eye-grabbing color!

5. Popcorn Trail Mix

Goodlifeeats.com has another great option for a satisfying treat that picky eaters can help put together. Let kids choose their favorite add-ins to create a perfect balance of sweet and salty with dried fruits, pretzels, seeds or nuts, or chocolate candies.

6. Crock Pot Chex Mix

What kid doesn’t have a favorite cereal to munch on? With this crock pot Chex Mix idea from skiptomylou.org, mix and match any or all of your picky eater’s favorite cereals with satisfyingly salty peanuts and pretzels for an easy on-the-go snack.

7. Mini Fruit Pizza

Who doesn’t get excited when they hear the word pizza!? These mini treats will not only grab your child’s attention, but they’ll appeal to their taste buds as well. Put out an assortment of fresh fruits and let kids build their own perfect pizza using tortillas and a Greek yogurt base. Rice crackers would make for a crunchingly satisfying alternative crust. Find the directions at superhealthykids.com.

8. Homemade Cheese Crackers

With only 6 ingredients, these delicious homemade cheese crackers are both easy and fun to make. Use your child’s favorite type of cheese and you’ll be sure to send your picky eater to the moon and back.

9. Nut Butter Apples

Looking for an alternative to a peanut butter treat? It’s easier than ever to find a variety of nut butters that provide some very tasty options.   Spread your child’s favorite on a sliced apple, sprinkle on some cinnamon, and you’ll be sure to satisfy even the squirrliest of eaters.

10. Frozen Banana Bites

Want a cool substitute for fatty, sugar-loaded ice cream? These frozen banana bites will be sure to make your little monkeys go bananas. Dip them in frozen yogurt and roll them in your choice of nuts or other toppings to add some variety.

11. Crunchy Roasted Chickpeas

It seems like everything store bought these days is made with genetically modified corn products. Not only are these foods bad for your over time, but they provide empty calories that keep tummies unsatisfied. With these homemade crunchy roasted chickpeas, not only are kids skipping out on the genetically modified foods, but they’ll also get a great source of protein and fiber that will hold them over for hours. Flavor these crunchy delights with any choice of seasoning, and picky eaters will be good to go.

12. Frozen Yogurt Grapes

These cool bites make for a refreshing summer time treat. Simply dip some grapes in yogurt, freeze, and your finicky eaters will be popping them in their mouths in no time!

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