Grow With the Kids! 12 Easy Plants

1. Here Comes the Sun!

Sunflowers, anyway.  Sunflowers can be grown in almost any soil type and don’t require a lot of care.  They pretty much do all the work for you and are a great way to add some extra sunshine to your child’s bright world.

2. Poppies

Thought to be named for the popping sound they make when you chew on their seeds, poppies are great flowers to grow with children.  Just like sunflowers, poppies require very little watering and can grow in just about any type of soil.

3. Peas, Sir… I Want Some More!

Peas were one of the first vegetables I remember growing with my father when I was just 3 years old.  Beside spending time with my dad, my favorite part of growing the plant was being able to snack on the tasty little pods after so patiently watching them grow.  Peas are another fantastic plant to grow with children because they can tolerate a wider spread of temperatures.  These little veggies will have your kids saying that gardening is just so easy pea-sy!

4. Berry Awesome!

According to, there aren’t many arguments why you SHOULDN’T be teaching your little horticulturists to garden using strawberries.  Not only can you grow these juicy berries in small spaces, but they don’t require specialized equipment, they can be grown in all the world’s temperate regions, and, being perennial, can be enjoyed for years to come.


5. RADishes

Waiting for the fruits or, rather, the vegetables, of your labors can be the hardest part of gardening for children.  Good thing radishes only take about a month to mature after planting!  Furthermore, radishes grow best in cooler weather and can be planted in the spring.  What a RAD pre-summer activity to do with your kids!

6. What’s Up Doc?

Although carrots will require about a month of consistent care, they are pretty difficult to kill after that.  Be sure to have your children plant the seeds in rock-free soil and pretty soon every-bunny will be happily munching away.

7. Bibbity Bobbity

Pumpkins are perhaps my favorite plant to grow.  Not only do they make an autumn garden beautiful, but they are a delicious addition to any fall time meal or dessert, you can use their seeds for a tasty treat, or you can use them for holiday decorating. Be sure to give pumpkins some space to grow and access to full sun and water drainage and even your Fairy Godmother will be impressed with your harvest crop.

8. It’s A Big Dill

Growing best under the hot sun, cucumbers are the perfect summer growing project with kids.  You really will be cool as a cucumber when you all enjoy chomping into these delicious vines.  Plus, can you ever go wrong when you grow something called a “gherkin”?  I think not!

9. Hello Gourd-eous!

Like pumpkins, other variety of gourds require a decent amount of space, sun, and water drainage, but are fairly easy to grow.  With only a little bit of help, your kids will have a hard time squashing these hardy plants.

10. Cotton

Gardening Know How explains that cotton is a great plant to grow with children because it grows relatively fast and is easy to maintain.  Be sure to plant the seed when temperatures are slightly warmer, keeping soils above about 60 degrees Fahrenheit.  You can also start growing your cotton plant inside in a pot.  Taking only about 2 months to grow, cotton is also a great plant for growing with children because if offers many teaching opportunities from how clothes are made to cotton plantations.

11. It’s Tuber Easy!

Give potatoes some well drained soil and they’ll basically do the rest of the work.  Potatoes can grow practically anywhere (including indoors) and are capable of growing even when there are slight frosts.  Although they grow under the soil and you can’t watch them develop from seed, your little spuds will love digging them up as it’s like a mystery scavenger hunt discovering what funny shapes and sizes were yielded.  You’ll have no problem at all getting those couch potatoes of your’s out and in the garden with this summer time project!

12. All Kale The King

Aside from needing full sun and daily water, there’s nothing too “roughage” about growing kale in a home garden.  Walking Stick Kale is especially fun to grow with your cabbage patch kids as it can grow up to 6 or more feet in one season.

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