How to Organize Your Tiny Bathroom- With Messy Kids!

For those of us who remember what is was like to be… organizationally challenged as children… here are 9 ideas for helping our own kids be more orderly in a tiny bathroom.

1. Mason Jars

When children share a bathroom, it’s hard for them to feel organized when they don’t have a space of their own.  With this idea from Lolly Jane, you can give your kids a bit of that needed space without killing the look of your bathroom.  Liz Marie Blog shows how mason jars can also be used for toiletry items other than toothcare products.

2. Towel Storage

Towel-Wine Rack

Or perhaps we should call it a “twine” rack.  This idea from Home BNC repurposes a hanging wine rack as a tiered towel holder.  Your children will appreciate having a place for their own towel.


3. Wicker Box Towel Storage

MicasaDC gives another towel storage idea in the form of wall mounted wicker boxes.   These cute boxes could also be filled with other items such as personal care products and/or hair tools.


4. Towel Ladder

Yet another towel storage idea from Funky Junk Interiors.  This simple addition is easy to make or can be found at hobby stores for relatively low costs.  What a fun way to add some barn house style to your bathroom!


5. Cutlery Drawer shows how to take a cutlery drawer and repurpose it in the bathroom.  Girls will especially appreciate having the added organization for their hair items and makeup.


6. Hanging Shoe Organizer

Hide a shoe organizer on the inside of your shower curtain to act as a shower/bath product holder.  Idea from


7. Above the Door Shelving

Adding a shelf above the door is a great way to utilize potential space!  Add some decorative items or cute boxes and no one will think of it as storage space.

8.  Under the Sink

Adding extra shelves, hooks, and boxes to the space under the sink is one of the easiest and most helpful ways to keep bathrooms organized.  As seen below, some under-the-sink ideas include mounting shower caddies to cabinet doors, using magazine boxes for organizing lose items, using hooks to hang electronic tools, and installing a hair dryer center on the cabinet door.


9. Surround Toilet Cabinet

Cabinets that fit around the toilet are simple to purchase, take up less space than other cabinet options, and will definitely help your kids keep bathroom spaces more organized.  More details from




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