How To Tell Your Kids About Santa Without Looking Like A Liar

As kids get older, it gets harder to keep the Santa secret. But how to tell your kids about Santa without looking like a liar? That’s a tough one, and a lot of parents are afraid of approaching the subject for fear of their kid’s reaction. Today we have some good advice for talking to your kids about Santa, so you can be prepared instead of scared.

At some point or another, your kids start to question Santa Claus. As a parent it can be a hard day to realize your child is growing out of the magic of Christmas. But, as a child, they might feel betrayed by you that you were not honest. Here are a few tips to help you tell your kids the truth about Santa without having them feel as though you lied. The magic of Christmas can still live on! #santatruth #parentingtips #allaboutsanta

How To Tell Your Kids About SantaIf you have kids, you know how tricky it can be figuring out how to tell your kids about Santa. Here are the best tips on how to tell them without looking like a liar.

Look for the signs that your kids are ready to talk about it

Have you been getting questions from your kids about who Santa really is? Or have they just out-and-out asked you if you are Santa? These are telltale signs that it is time to talk to them about Santa. It’s definitely easier said than done, though! We all like to keep belief in Santa alive and strong, because it’s fun. But it’s also a good idea to let them in on it before they hear it at school, or get teased for still believing.

It’s helpful to know that the average age when a child starts to question whether or not Santa is real is somewhere in the years between 7 and 10, depending on the child. When your child does ask you if Santa is real, ask him what he thinks before you answer. Your child’s thoughts can help guide your discussion.

Santa is a big deal to kids, so it can be hard trying to figure out how to tell your kids about Santa. It will make the whole process so much easier.

Be ready for a range of possible emotions

When your child hears that Santa isn’t real, her reaction may vary from anger or sadness to excitement. She may feel anger that you lied, or she may feel sadness that Santa isn’t real. Some kids feel like being let in on the secret is a sign that they are growing up–you can help them feel some responsibility to help keep the secret from younger siblings!

Are you stressing over trying to tell your kid that Santa isn't real? Here are the best tips on how to tell your kids about Santa. They'll help so much!

Help your child transition from believing in Santa to becoming Santa

How to tell your kids about Santa is a question some parents love to take on, and actually look forward to it. Plan ahead for this important talk. Take your child somewhere special, just the two of you–such as out for lunch or a shopping trip. Explain that she is getting old enough to “help” with Santa, and this is a big responsibility! Little kids get to experience the magic of believing in Santa, but older kids and adults get to be Santa–and that’s the most fun of all!

Not only do your kids now get to help be Santa at home, but in the community. Challenge them to think about the spirit of Santa Claus and how they can help spread it around to those who really need it. Teach them to notice the people around them, and watch for opportunities to “be Santa” to people who need it.

Great news–if your older kids help with Santa, they can also help with your Elf on the Shelf!

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