10 + Drinking Straw Kids Crafts

With summer on the way and the amount of drinks you and your kids will need to stay cool, you’re bound to collect a ton of straws. Instead of throwing them out, help the environment by recycling them as kid’s crafts. Here are 10 + ways to make kid’s crafts using straws.

1.Straw Necklaces

Bendy straws are perfect for straw necklaces. Show your kids how to make triangle links, and then, they can add to their necklace until it reaches the length that they want. All sorts of straws are available at Michael’s. You can get plastic or paper ones. Saving the ones that you and your kids use is another option for straw projects.

2. Straw Rockets

Kid crafts that are easy to make include straw rockets. With straw rockets, your kids will spend hours tossing and spinning them. Straw rockets inspire imaginative play.

3. Straw Dome

If your kids are future scientists, then give them the challenge of building a geodesic dome out of straws. This craft requires a bit of math, but once your kids are done making their domes, they’re sure to feel a sense of accomplishment.

4. Straw Flute

Encourage your kids to make their own pan pipes out of a set of straws. Once the straws are cut to size and connected, your kiddos will have a homemade flute, one that they can use to make their own tunes.

5. Straw Action Figures

With the right craft items, your kids can make straw action figures like fighting ninjas. Made from straws, pipe cleaners and beads, your kids will have fun playing make believe with their self-made creations.

6. Straw Sculptures

Show your kids a few pictures of squiggly glass sculptures. Then, give them a bin of colored straws and let them go to town creating their own straw sculptures.

7. Straw Art

Straws also make fun art projects. Your kids can use straws and paint to create imaginative works of art. For instance, connect seven to nine bendy straws and splay them out. Your kids can dip the straws in paint and stamp them on paper, creating a firework design.

8. Straw Vase

A package of paper straws, double-sided tape, a water tin and jute can become a pretty vase when you hand these materials over to your kids. You’ll enjoy having this fun and easy project as a décor piece. Blooms by the Box is an online flower delivery service. Visit the site to get flowers for your home.

9. Straw Marble Maze

A shoebox lid, scissors and straws are all that your kids need to make a marble maze. They’ll have a blast creating challenging patterns for their marbles.

10. Straw Picture Frame

Striped paper straws can be used to make a customized picture frame. Purchase a plain wood frame, and then, show your kids how to measure and cut the straws to fit around it. Once the straws are glued in place, you’ll have a cute frame to put up.

11. Straw Lei

A straw Hawaiian lei is the perfect craft for an afternoon at home. The straws hold the flowers in place, creating a beautiful accessory, one that your kids will have fun wearing.

Straw craft projects were found at Artsy Craftsy Mom, Frugal Fun 4 Boys and Girls 

and Crafty Morning.

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