8 + [Easy] No Sew Crafts for Kids

Crafts are a good way for you to spend time with your kids. Crafting projects inspire creativity while helping with hand and eye coordination. They also keep your kids busy and off electronics. If sewing just isn’t your thing but crafting is, then consider making one or more of these 8 + easy no sew crafts for kids.

  1. Sock Caterpillar

No sew crafts include this cute sock caterpillar. Make one or two from orphaned socks. Along with the socks, you’ll also need stuffing, small rubber bands, pipe cleaners and googly eyes.

2. Cloth Dolls

Homemade dolls are easy to make and charming. To make them, collect different scrap pieces of fabric, large craft sticks, safety pins and rubber bands. Your kids will have fun personalizing them and making their own cloth friend.

3. No Sew Flowers

No sew crafts for kids include these decorative flowers. Making them requires scrap fabric, buttons and hot glue. Once made, you can add them to apparel pieces, presents or even a bouquet.

4. Blankets

You and your kids can make blankets without sewing them. For this project, head to the fabric store where you can have fleece material cut to the size you want or need. Form small cuts around the edges of the fleece material. Then, tie knots in the strips.

5. Felt Bracelets

Felt is a handy material, one that you can turn into almost anything. You and your kids can make flower, car or bug shaped felt bracelets. Find patterns online or tap into your inner artist to form your kids’ favorite shapes. You can buy felt at craft stores like Michael’s.

6. Treasure Boxes

You’ll need thick wool felt to make treasure boxes with your kids. This no sew craft requires a bit of cutting, folding and gluing. You can make them in different colors and sizes. Once they’re put together, hand them over to your kids to decorate.

7. Duct Tape Pouch

To make duct tape pouches, let your kids select fabric that they like. Then, cut strips of duct tape. Use the tape to form the pouch. You can even use a stapler to add a zipper. Duct tape pouches are not only stylish, but they also feature a waterproof interior.

8. Sock Bunnies

Fun no sew crafts include soft toy sock bunnies. This craft project requires a sock, rubber bands, rice and a colored pencil. Your kids can choose how skinny or fluffy to make their bunnies.

9. Magic Wand

It’s easy to make a magic wand without a sewing machine. All you need is a star template for the top of the wand. Wooden dowels, hot glue, puffy paint and felt are the other materials required to complete this project. A magic wand is sure to inspire your kids’ imaginations. You can get the items for this project from Amazon.

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