Must Know Parenting Hacks for Sick Kids


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When your kids get sick, dealing with their discomfort and misery is a challenge for any parent. Here are a few helpful parenting hacks for sick kids.

Knowing When to Call the Doctor

Must know parenting hacks include knowing when to call the doctor. If your child is under the age of one, then call your doctor about any ailment that lasts longer than two days. Blood showing up in your child’s vomit or stool is another time to take your child to the doctor.

Track Dosages on the Medicine Bottle

It can be tough to track when you gave your sick kids their medicine. An easy parenting hack is to track it right on the pill bottle.

Apply Vicks to the Feet

Along with applying Vicks Vaporub to your child’s chest to ease coughing and congestion, rub it on your kid’s feet. Then, cover his or her feet with warm socks. To purchase warm socks, take a look at Crazy 8. Affordable options are available.

Get the Whooping Cough Vaccine

During the last few years, the whooping cough has hit hard. Doctors recommend the whopping cough vaccine or booster for all healthy children and adults. You should especially consider getting it if you have a new baby at home.

Make a Homemade Icepack

To ease the discomfort of a high fever or soothe a scrap or a bump, make your child a bunny icepack. It’s merely a wet washcloth tied in the shape of a bunny, which means that it’s affordable, but your kid is sure to love snuggling it. Place it in the refrigerator for a few hours to make it nice and cold. You can purchase cheap washcloths at Amazon.

Keep Your Kids Hydrated

Keeping your kids hydrated is an important parenting tip, one that is likely to help your kids recover from their ailments faster. Help them stay hydrated with clear fluids like water, juice or electrolyte products like Pedialyte.

Become Familiar with the BRAT Diet

When your child suffers from a bad stomach flu, he or she may not want regular food. Once your kid starts to feel better, then feed him or her the BRAT diet. This consists of food items that are easy for the stomach to digest. Feed your child bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. Plain crackers are easy on the stomach too.

We found hacks for sick kids at Parenting.

We also used a few tips from Cafemom.

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