10 Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Kiddie Pool

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If you have a kiddie pool collecting dust, don’t throw it out. Use it in one of these 10 creative ways instead

Turn it Into a Sandbox

Purchase sand at your local hardware store, and pour it in the kiddie pool to make a sandbox. Add a few sand toys, and your kids will be in sandcastle building heaven.

 Make a Family Size Easter Basket

If your kids are older, turn your old kiddie pool into a family size Easter basket. While enormous, you’ll be adding items for everyone in your family, so it shouldn’t be too much. Also, your kids will be delighted to see a basket this massive.

 A Place to Stargaze

Larger kiddie pools can become comfy places to stargaze. Set the pool out on your deck. Then, add pillows and blankets. Settle your kids in to enjoy an evening gazing at the stars. Zazzle has cozy blankets and pillows you can personalize.

 A Ball Pit

Turn your old kiddie pool into a ball pit for your kids or grandkids. You may even enjoy taking a dip in this kind of ball pit.

 Turn it Into a Garden

With a little potting soil and some plants, you can turn a kiddie pool into a garden. Encourage your kids to take care of it. This will let them experience the thrill of growing things. For other gardening ideas, take a peek at Raised Beds.

 Make it a Pet Cage

Kiddie pools make awesome pet cages. Use one for your pet guinea pig, bunny rabbit or even a small puppy. Your furry friend will have plenty of space to run around and stretch their legs.

A Duck Pond

Repurpose an unused swimming pool into a top-notch duck pond. To do so, dig a pool size hole. Then, place the kiddie pool inside and replace the dirt around the edges. It will be easy to clean, and ducks will love it.

 Make Your Own Splatter Paint Studio

If art calls to you, then you may want to make your own splatter paint studio from an old kiddie pool. Set it in a garage or even just in your backyard and let your creativity flow.


 An Outdoor Cooler

When you’re having a big party, use a kiddie pool for the cooler. Grab a couple of bags of ice, and then, fill the pool with drinks.


 A Foot Bath

This is another party idea, but if you’re having some people over, use a kiddie pool as a foot bath. Enhance the pleasure of dipping your feet in by adding essential oils to the water.

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