Totally Free DIY Games for Children’s Birthday Parties

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As a parent, you’re likely on a budget, and you may even be on a tight one. This doesn’t mean that you can’t make your child’s birthday party a special event. These totally free DIY games for children’s birthday parties will make your kid’s big day one to remember.

Make an Obstacle Course

Ropes, ladders and a two-by-four will help you transform your backyard into a challenging obstacle course. A sturdy tree, a rope and a water-filled kiddie pool make for a popular obstacle, one that tests each child’s ability to hang on tight. Ladders are great and easy obstacles. Just lay one flat on the ground, and direct the kids to make their way to the other side. If the ladder is made of wood, then sand it to prevent splinters. A two-by-four can easily be transformed into a tricky balance beam.

Can You Guess What Objects are in the Bag?

Guessing what objects are in the bag is a fun game, one that you can customize to your child’s age. Search your home for a nontransparent bag, and then, fill it with 10 or so household objects. Recommendations include a toy car, magnets from your fridge and a lemon. To play the guessing game, each child will place his or her hand into the bag and select an object. Encourage each participant to touch it and roll it around in their hands to figure out what it is. Ask him or her to guess what the object is before removing it to see if they were right. This is a game that can be good for kids with autism. Sites like Model Me Kids provide resources for children diagnosed with this disorder.

Minute to Win It Games

This free DIY children’s game for birthday parties comes from the popular television show Minute to Win It. On the show, contestants have to overcome challenges featuring common household items. The best thing about the game is that the challenges are fun and hilarious. It’s easy to recreate them at home. One game example is to have contestants pick up as many as six bags in decreasing sizes and place them on a table without using their hands. Also, their feet must remain on the floor. Bouncing a ping-pong ball onto the floor toward a wall and attempting to catch it in a bucket fastened to one’s head is another game example. Be sure to take pictures that you can send to PastBook. This is a company that creates custom photo books, which is the perfect way to remember your kid’s birthday party.

Simon Says

This classic game is one that kids always have fun playing. Not only is it a blast, but it is also a game that can be played anywhere and at anytime without requiring you to purchase materials to play. To play the game, one person is appointed Simon while the other participants are the players. Simon stands in front of the others giving them commands that start with “Simon Says.” If Simon says, “Simon says turn in a circle,” then the players must obey, but if Simon says, “Turn in a circle,” without including the words “Simon says,” then the players should not obey. Anyone who does is out of the game.

We found the idea for an obstacle course from Martha Stewart.

Guessing objects in a bag and Simon Says came from Things to Do.

Mom of 6 gave us the suggestion for Minute to Win It.

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